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Tap into hundreds of guided meditations to help with everything from stress to sleep, all bite-size to fit your busy life.

Headspace 90-day membership

Get access to 800+ hours of easy-to-follow meditations to help you reset and rejuvenate. (You’ll be charged after the first 90 days unless you cancel.)

About Headspace

When it comes to your overall health and wellness, taking care of your mind is just as important as taking care of your body. That’s where Headspace comes in.

Headspace delivers ancient wisdom in a modern, relevant way. Starting each day with  these simple, guided meditation techniques can lead to better concentration, less stress, and improved mood.

About WellnessWins

Improving your health is the best win there is, and WellnessWins sweetens the deal, delivering inspiration—and cool rewards—for the small steps you take each day towards your goals. As you earn more and more Wins, you'll unlock higher tiers of rewards!