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FAQ: The My Day dashboard


Welcome! We’ve added some amazing upgrades (and more are rolling out in the next few weeks). As with all changes, some features might be in different locations or under construction.

Your Calculator: Have no fear — the calculator is still here! (after all, what would we do without it?) Just click on the Quick Add icon up at the top of your dashboard and select the Calculator tab. 

Healthy Checks and the Good Health Guidelines: In order to streamline your tracking experience, we’ve removed the Healthy Checks feature and the Good Health Guidelines. However, we would never discourage you from keeping tabs on your healthy habits; it’s just not a part of the dashboard anymore. 

Tracked Foods: Once you track your food (with either Quick Add or the Calculator), it will appear in the My Food Daily Log for that day. 

Scrolling through your tracking history: When you select My Food, you’ll see arrows (forward and back) on the top right. Use these arrows to scroll back through your tracking history. 

The Community: Looking for the Community? Here you go

Progress Reports: Progress Reports are no longer a feature, but you can check out the My Foods and Activity icons on the top of your dashboard to see more details about what you’ve tracked. 

Tracking your weight: Just an FYI — when tracking your weight, you’ll be unable to enter decimal points. This is a feature we are most definitely working on. If you’d like, you can track your weight on the classic tracker for now. 

Weight Charts: Coming soon! 

Drag & Drop: The Drag & Drop feature is not available at the current moment, but it’s on our radar for later updates. 

Your PointsPlus values: Right now, the tracker will only show how many PointsPlus values you have left for the day. However, in the future, we may add meal totals to make scanning through your day easier.