Not Ready for Activity? No Problem

If the prospect of starting an activity program seems a little daunting right now, don’t sweat it. Read our tips on how to put yourself in the right frame of mind — at a pace that works for you.
Published November 25, 2017

Making the commitment to start following the Weight Watchers program is a huge accomplishment! But it also takes time and focus to make the changes that are necessary to live a healthier lifestyle. Activity is something that’s OK to wait on for a little while.

For the majority of people, making changes to the way you eat will be the biggest thing you do to lose weight, so it’s fine to stay focused on that in the beginning. In fact, if you try to take on too many changes, such as embarking upon an ambitious exercise program if you’re not currently ready to be active, your efforts may actually backfire on you. When you fail to meet an unrealistic goal, that feeling of failure may make it more likely that you’ll unravel the good habits you have managed to adopt so far.

If you’re not ready to start moving more, you can still set the scene for good habits by being sedentary for less of the time. Think about how many hours a week you spend sitting watching TV, for example. Then try to cut that time down. Or make small adjustments to your daily routine — choose stairs where possible, even just one flight at a time. Make a point to get up and walk around for even a couple of minutes when you’ve been sitting at your desk for more than an hour.

As you start to succeed on the plan and see weight-loss results, you may find that you have the confidence to start developing other great behaviours, like fitness. When you’re ready, we’ll be right here for you, with articles, tips and a whole database of exercises to try and enjoy.