Find Your Fun

Our members share how they found the activities that keep them motivated.
Published September 3, 2017

Kristin Bourne

 I started off walking and doing free YouTube fitness videos! I've built it up since losing the weight, and now do kick boxing, yoga, and walk at least 8 km a day! Involving my 5-year-old daughter in my fitness makes it fun for us both!

Morgan Dobroshinsky

My favourite way to keep active and have fun while doing it is by involving others! It's a great opportunity to catch up with friends while on a hike, or to add a bit of fun competition to things depending on the activity.

Stephanie Sallusti

My favorite way to keep active while still having fun is by playing with my boys. I have three boys and they love being outside. They are constantly asking to go to the park, or play different sports. This keeps me moving and it's the best way as it gives me more time with my kids!

Shanna Elizabeth

Try different activities. Local municipal classes are often good and inexpensive ways to try out a new activity. Through the municipal program I tried boxing and belly dancing. Through Forest City Sport and Social Club I tried dragon boating. They were low time commitment ways of seeing whether or not I liked something. I even talked some friends into the dragon boating and belly dancing!

Nancy Martindale Hallman

Staying active for me just means getting outside. Being outside helps me to re-focus and re-energize. I try to meet friends and family for a walk in a great trail or around a lively park in my area.

Sandy Perry-Seymour

Just start by doing a little more than you are right now. Try different activities - I often used Groupon to find and try different activities at a reasonable price and most places have a first time trial price. Grab some others to join you! It’s less intimidating and much more fun. Just say yes before you overthink and say no. I always say yes to trying something new. I’m heading off to try Surf Set at the end of this month with a group of WW peeps. Five years ago I was not active at all. Now yoga, running, swimming lessons, gym classes, and my all-time love of climbing the highest mountains in the world are just what I do. It all began with walking a little more and snowballed from there on.

Brenda Johnson

I enjoy my rebounder, and it is great for the lymphatic system. And dancing!

David McIsaac

Part of leading a healthy lifestyle for me is staying active. My all-time favourite activity is walking; it’s so good for mind and my body. I'm an early riser and it also gives me my "me time" that is also so important in our journey to good health. Yes I run, I cycle, and workout at the gym, but If you told me I could only do one thing I would take walking. It doesn't cost much other than a good pair of sneakers and a little bit of your time. There is nothing better this time of year than the sounds of birds singing smells of flowers, fresh cut grass, It's how I "find my happy," de-stress, and start a lot of my days. So if you’re just starting out in your journey to good health just get outside. It's easy, fun and will help get to your final destination.

Victoria Plante

Fitbits and trackers are a great way to get motivated! You can start off with anything from walking, Zumba ( my favs ), biking, running, or anything else!

It's about finding what you like to do. The motivation comes from within ultimately; doesn't matter your pace either. Forward is forward.

Andrea Walmsely

I really struggled changing my mindset from "exercise" to "move more." I was a gym rat but then had a serious injury. I know now that as long as I am moving (usually dancing or hiking) that this is the new benchmark for me!

Leah MacInnis

I found Pinterest to be extremely helpful for workout ideas when I started going to the gym. I would plan out my work out beforehand so I wasn't at the gym wandering around asking what I'd do next. I also found that a turning point in my journey came when I realized I didn't need to be in the gym four times a week to be healthy. Walking is such a great option for activity. It's stress relieving, you can do it with friends, you don't need to go anywhere special, and there's no equipment required. I've also found as I've gotten more and more into activity, I've had less fears about trying new things. I'd been trying to get up on a wakeboard for a few years, and once I got into fitness, I became determined to do it and two summers ago, I made it.