Dance Your Way to Fitness

How to have fun while getting your heart rate up!
Published March 23, 2017

From ballet to Zumba, to pole dancing, there is no shortage of dance fitness options available these days, with dance classes and video workouts galore for those who want to add a little rhythm to their workout routine.

“Dance is for everyone,” says Doris Abadjian Kates, director and owner of Dancefit Canada in St. Catharines, Ont. “It is so accessible because the music moves us in different ways.”

She elaborates, “Zumba is uplifting and fiery. Adult ballet is controlled and soothing. Belly dance allows the body to find its feminine side all through the strength of the core.”

In Edmonton, Bollywood Beats is a dance studio that teaches a fusion of classical Indian dance styles and contemporary dance – put simply, Bollywood-style dancing.

“It’s a new style of dancing, and it’s fun,” says Bollywood Beats creative director Deepti Sami.

“We see an interest from every age,” she adds, explaining that her classes are accessible to anyone and everyone older than the age of three. People love the beat and rhythm of this fun cardio workout, and the simple fact that “it’s different,” she says.

Dance is perhaps one of the most intuitive ways to exercise because it’s something many of us already do on our own for fun. When we choose a form of exercise we enjoy, it only follows that we’ll be more likely to do it regularly.

“[Dance] pumps the heart and releases positivity through the mind, pushing through the body,” Abadjian Kates says. “[Dance] allows the soul to breathe.”

Her company, Dancefit Canada, offers a range of dance classes from hip hop to salsa, for students from ages three to 83.

“Each dance genre requires strength and endurance,” she says, explaining why dance is such a great form of exercise. “Dance is a sport. It requires strength and hard work.”

The key at both of these companies is to make it fun to get fit by dancing. If you haven’t already, think about trying a dance fitness class in your area to see how you like it. And of course, you can always just blast your favourite playlist at home and freestyle your way to fitness!