Common Fitness Questions

Need some help with FitPoints or increasing your activity level?
Published December 11, 2015

My FitPoints goal has changed. What’s up?
When we first launched Beyond the Scale, we gave you a customized FitPoints goal, based on your age, height, weight, gender, and activity level. Now we’re introducing new features to make your FitPoints goal even more unique.

One of the things we discovered is that people were earning FitPoints at different rates, depending on whether or not they used an activity monitor. Those with activity monitors were earning FitPoints from their first step of the day while those without monitors were only earning when they tracked activity. 

To account for that difference, we’re adding the equivalent of 3,000 steps (around 3 to 5 FitPoints depending on your weight) to everyone’s recommended FitPoints goal. (This is what can usually be earned by knocking out everyday activities like going to work and running errands.)

So, whether you wear a device and your activities get tracked automatically or you don’t wear a device and you enter steps (see below), day-to-day activities now count for everyone. 

How will my new FitPoints goal be changed?
It will still be based on the information from your personal assessment, but with the addition of the equivalent of 3,000 steps (3 to 5 FitPoints depending on your weight). Sound daunting? Don’t worry! Every two weeks we’ll review your level of activity and suggest new goals. If you’ve been hitting or exceeding your goal, we may suggest that you bump it up a bit. If you haven’t, we may suggest lowering your goal or staying the same. These suggestions are just that; YOU are always in the driver’s seat.

Do I need to enter my activity if I wear an activity device?
Nope, you do not need to manually track your activity if you’re wearing a device. If you’ve synced your device to your Weight Watchers account, the device’s app will send us the data, so you’ll automatically get FitPoints for any activity you’re doing while wearing your device.

Remember, you have to sync your device to your Weight Watchers account itself in order to see how many FitPoints you’ve earned. For example, if the Fitbit on your wrist says 10,000 steps, and you check Weight Watchers without syncing your Fitbit app first, Weight Watchers won’t get it. Again, to avoid confusion and double-counting, please don’t manually enter any activities while wearing a device.

I don’t have a fitness device. How do I track my steps?
There are a few options.  iPhone users, use your Health app and you’ll see your steps from when you carried your phone. Android users, can do the same by using Google Fit.

Otherwise, if you’ve completed your typical routine (errands, work, etc.), give yourself 3,000* steps. Gone beyond your usual routine but unsure how many steps to track? Estimate the amount of minutes you’ve been walking (and at which intensity) instead of steps.

Is the FitPoints formula changing?
No! There’s no change in how FitPoints are calculated, whether you use an activity monitor or track manually, using the Pocket Guide charts — or both! We want you to move however you like, for however long you want, to help you feel and look great.  

How much activity should I do?
Your personal FitPoints goal is on your My Day dashboard.  It is based on your current activity level and we hope it will get you moving easily, even enjoyably. You can also set your own goal if you like. You'll earn FitPoints for your activity — whether you’re walking, bowling, or playing with your kids — as soon as you start moving.

What if I'm new to fitness?
That’s OK! Being active can be as simple as walking around the block after dinner instead of sitting on the couch, or taking the stairs and not the elevator. Our FitBreak by Weight Watchers™ app for iOS gives you great ideas for moving more throughout the day. (Go to the App Store to download.)

I need some more ideas!  Where can I find some inspiration?
Our Fitness section has articles, ideas and videos to keep you motivated and inspired every day.

Can I swap my FitPoints for food? 
Consistent with our new program, Weight Watchers believes that eating more is not the only benefit of being more active; it also helps you have more energy, feel comfortable in your own skin and keep off the weight you lose. Plus it just feels good! So, we encourage you to earn FitPoints in ways that fit your life. If you prefer not to swap, go for it!  If swapping works, keep doing it! (You can always try swapping or not later.) Swapping is just one of the many tools we have to keep the program flexible and livable. In a nutshell: Do what works for you.

Will the plan still work if I swap?
It will. The SmartPoints and FitPoints formulas were designed to work hand-in-hand. Whether you swap or don’t swap, you’ll still lose weight.

How do I swap FitPoints for food?
For those of you who want to swap FitPoints for food, you can do it once you exceed your 3,000 step daily base (around 3-5 FitPoints per day, depending on your weight.) Any FitPoints you earn after you reach that daily minimum on any given day will be swappable that week. To make the change to your My Day tracker and app you’ll just need to change your Swapping setting to “Swap My FitPoints first.” Click on the profile icon in the upper right hand corner.

I'm earning lots of FitPoints.  Does 1 FitPoint = 1 SmartPoint?
Yes! In the process of redefining our SmartPoints formula, we also invested in fine-tuning our FitPoints formula. The good news? You can earn FitPoints for the simplest of things, like taking a walk around the block. So, keep racking up those FitPoints! 

Why aren't my Fitbit steps or activity showing up on the Weight Watchers Mobile app or on the dashboard?
There are a handful of reasons why you may be experiencing this issue. A common cause for Fitbit data not appearing is an older Fitbit device is still connected to Weight Watchers Mobile app. 

Here's how to troubleshoot: 

  1. Check that your current Fitbit device is indeed synced to your current Fitbit account by looking at Fitbit Account Settings. 
  2. Then, disconnect and reconnect Fitbit from the Weight Watchers Mobile app by going to More > Settings > Devices on the mobile app or Profile>Settings>Activity on the website.

If that didn't work, try these steps: 

  1. The first thing you should do is check if Settings in your Fitbit app (or web portal) is set to "All-Day Sync."
  2. Next, log into the Fitbit Mobile app. Tap "Device" in the top row to see when the last synced time was. If you'd like to trigger a sync, scroll down that page and tap "Sync Now." View the latest activity information synced on the Fitbit app, then come back to the Weight Watchers Mobile app. Your data should appear.
  3. Then, log into Weight Watchers website. Click the link "Sync your activity device" at the bottom of the activity dashboard and your data should appear.

*For iOS devices that are using operating systems older than iOS 9, there's a new feature called "Low Power Mode" which does not allow a background sync at any time. If this mode is enabled, you must open the Fitbit app and bring it to the foreground (it being the active screen on phone) to enable a sync. In addition, regardless of "Low Power Mode," for these older systems, depending on how much memory is left or currently being used on the device, iOS does not give permission for background sync to preserve optimal performance.

What if I don’t want an activity goal?  
Sometimes the activity goal we set doesn't fit into your lifestyle. If you want to change or opt-out of having an activity goal, please visit Settings > Activity. (Settings is the icon in the upper right corner that looks like a head.)

Where do I go if I have more questions?
You can always contact us through our 24/7 Expert Chat service(it’s on the lower right of every site on the page) to chat with people that really know their stuff. Ask them anything about the program or how to use the app. We’re not kidding — if it’s 2am and you think of a question, that’s the place to go.

Remember: Check with your doctor before you begin an activity routine. But most importantly, have fun!