A Beginner's Guide to Exercise Wear

If you're putting off exercise because you can't bear the thought of yourself in garish workout clothes, help is at hand.
Published December 14, 2015

Start with the basics
When it comes to choosing your workout clothes, you can be a bit more flexible and exercise your personal taste. But for your comfort and safety, here are a few wardrobe essentials to consider:

  • A layer of cotton (or other natural fibre) worn close to your body to 'wick away' moisture and preserve body heat, while preventing overheating.
  • A medium-weight track suit top or fleece, and a weatherproof windbreaker for all-weather protection.
  • Reflective patches, if you're going to be out walking, jogging, or cycling at night.

Good shoes: Your one must-have
Whether you're doing aerobics, playing sport or walking, it's vital that you choose the right shoes for the activity - not the most attractive ones.

Preserving your precious knees and ankles should be your number-one priority and it's worth spending the majority of your budget on footwear. When shopping for shoes, visit a proper sports shop rather than a high-fashion outlet and don't be afraid to ask for advice.

Opt for comfort
Comfort is one of the most important factors when choosing workout clothes. Check out all the great new yoga gear available, and there you'll find kinder clothing such as track suit or warm-up trousers with a slightly flared leg and drawstring waist. These not only fit, they flatter!

Look for T-shirts cut to a fitted silhouette and choose longer sleeves rather than sleeveless tops if you feel self-conscious about your arms and shoulders. To keep warm before and after your workout, wear a snug fleece or fitted, zip-up tracksuit top.

When it comes to shorts, choose stretchy fitted styles, rather than big and baggy and you'll make your thighs and bottom look firmer and more toned without even trying!

But at the end of the day, what matters most with workout wear? The answer is to keep things simple, and look for styles that suit your shape, as you do with your everyday clothes.