8 Ways to Get Active This Canada Day

Celebrate Canada Day by bringing your fitness plan outdoors.
Published July 3, 2017

This year, why not commemorate Canada Day by bringing your workout outside and making the most of Canada's natural wonderland of hills, lakes and forests. Whether you're looking to tone your butt, abs or thighs, WW has a list of the best fitness bets to get you in shape this season while taking advantage of the country's greatest assets - at a safe distance, of course!


This recreational activity offers many benefits. While conditioning the upper body, there is the added bonus of paddling through Canada's picturesque rivers, lakes, and streams, which can also help renew the spirit and inspire creativity. 

Targets: Biceps, Triceps, Shoulders, Obliques and Back 
Additional Benefit: Calming

Summer is a great time to cool off in the water while participating in this healthy activity. Not only does swimming tone many of the major muscle groups, but it is also better for your bones and joints, eliminating the potential dangers of high-impact exercises.  To add variety to your routine, try treading water, flutter kicking, water aerobics, or pool running in the water.

Targets: Swimming is an all-body exercise
Additional Benefit: It's a ton of fun! 


Cycling is an excellent way to explore the backwoods or get around town. So rather than spinning your wheels indoors, find a local path or mountain trail -- and get moving! 

Targets: Quads, hamstrings, hip flexors and calves 
Additional Benefit: Doubles as a transport vehicle

Outdoor trekking is an excellent way to connect with nature and can revive the spirit. 

Targets: Glutes, thighs, hips and calves 
Additional Benefit: Improves balance


Walking or Running
Walking and/or running around your city is the easiest, most affordable fitness solution because it does not require equipment, lessons or special skills. 

Targets: Thighs and Calves 
Additional Benefit: Mood enhancer that can stave off minor depression and relieve stress

Jumping Rope
Skipping is not just for kids. It's one of the best exercise tools available, costs less than $15, is easily transportable, and offers a high-intensity workout. 

Targets: Shoulders, Arms, and Calves. 
Additional Benefit: Improves Coordination

Rollerblading offers more than just an intense cardio workout — it's a great low-impact alternative to running. 

Targets: Hips, inner and outer thighs, and buttocks 
Additional Benefit: It's a fun and fast way to get around your neighbourhood

While chasing a ball around a tennis court is sure to get the heart pumping, tennis is also a competitive sport that can sharpen your mental focus. 

Targets: Forearms, Shoulders; Back 
Additional Benefit: Helps maintain and develop hand-eye coordination