Your Most Powerful Tool: Think. Feel. Do.

Published January 25, 2018

What's your most powerful weight-loss tool? Your mind. Beyond making right-for-you eating choices on WW FreestyleTM and moving in ways that you enjoy, what you think is a key piece of the weight-loss success formula. That's because what you think in reaction to an event or situation determines how you feel, and how you feel determines what you do. If your thought is a productive, helpful one, you'll feel good and your behavior will reflect that helpful mental/emotional stance.

The thing is, as your Weekly points out, we often react in ways that are anything but helpful, especially in the immediate aftermath of a not-so-great event. Let's say you went over your daily SmartPoints® by 10 SmartPoints. You might think, "Ugh, I blew it. I'll never lose weight." Or "I tracked all week, exercised, and stayed on plan—until today. That cancels out everything good I did this week." Or, "I went over my Budget today; I always do that." Or even, "Oh well, who cares. I'm sure I'll be back on track soon." Chances are one or more of these thoughts has crossed your mind—and not one of them will help you move the football down the field! Whether you are prone to all-or-none thinking, or tend to discount your positive efforts in the face of one setback, or overgeneralize, or even adopt a "don't-worry, be-happy" approach, these common thinking styles can undermine your progress.

Recognizing such unhelpful thoughts and giving them a reality check is the best way to stop them in their tracks. Knowing how to "name that thought" and then shift it to a helpful one can make all the difference in your success on plan!