Why the WW app is the only tracker you need

Our award-winning app is our program in your pocket – learn why it’s the only wellness app you will ever need.

Our award-winning app is more than just a food tracker – it’s a way to live the WW program, right from your pocket. Curious about all the great features? We’ll break it down for you.




The crux of our program is food tracking and we make it super easy in our app. With more than 79,000 foods in our database, including restaurants, packaged foods, and everyday go-tos, we’ve got it all.

Plus, we have more than 5,000 delicious recipes to suit any plan or eating preference, searchable by mealtime, dietary needs, SmartPoints value, occasion.

You can even build your own meals and recipes right in the app and save them, for easy tracking.

To make food tracking even easier, our barcode scanner is simple on-tap tracking. Simply scan any packaged food item with a barcode to get the SmartPoints value and track!




Earn FitPoints for all the activities you do. FitPoints take into account your height, weight, age, and sex as well as activity intensity and duration to generate a personalized FitPoints value for all the activities you do. Plus, you can sync your fitness device right to the app to easily and automatically track your steps and workouts!

New to activity? No problem. Our partnership with Aaptiv – leader in guided audio workouts – lives right in your app. With something for every fitness level, you can easy into activity, or amp up your existing routine.




At WW we know that what is in your mind is just as important as what’s on your plate – that’s why our approach to weight loss is a holistic approach, grounded in science-backed behavioural techniques.

Every week in your app you get a brand-new weekly topic with actionable techniques to help you to reach your goals.

Plus, our partnership with Headspace – curated guided audio meditations – gives you access to meditation right in the app.




Our exclusive, members-only social community, Connect is where members come to share success, get support, and follow other like-minded members on the journey.




Our one-of-a-kind rewards program gives you Wins for building healthy habits, like tracking your food and activity, and attending Workshops. Rack up wins and redeem them for exclusive prizes!