Why tracking your food and activity helps you lose weight

How this healthy behaviour can help you in the long run.
Published March 1, 2020 | Updated August 22, 2022

At WeightWatchers, we know that tracking is a key indicator of success on the program. Here we delve into the why, and offer a few pointers to make it even easier.


Keeping a record of what you eat and drink and will do more to help you succeed at weight loss than almost anything else. Tracking keeps you accountable, mindful, and knowledgeable. You’re more likely to make positive food choices when you’ve committed to writing down every bite you eat (even on days you go over your Budget). And you're better able to choose what foods are "worth it" to you!

The good thing is, you don’t have to be perfect—it’s more important to be consistent and to give tracking your best shot. your portions, if you’re not able to weigh and measure them, is fine. Skipping a meal is fine—so long as you get back in the saddle at your next meal or as soon as you can. To help you with tracking, we have a bunch of resources, literally at your fingertips.


  • BE AS ACCURATE AS YOU CAN. But even if you’re just guessing the Points value, that’s good, too.
  • TRACK “IN THE MOMENT.” It can be hard to remember what you’ve eaten by the end of the day, so track as you go or snap a pic for tracking later. If you don’t manage to track immediately, just try to get back to it the next time you eat.
  • BE KIND TO YOURSELF. Not every day is going to be perfect. And that’s OK. Focus on small, simple things (like planning your next meal) and you’ll be right back in the game.