Why Fall is the Best Time to Get Active

Summer might be over, but now is the time to get outside.
Published September 26, 2022

As fall arrives and the weather gets cooler, it might be tempting to cozy up indoors, but we’re here to convince you otherwise. Fall is actually a great time to get outside and get active, and we're sharing our favourite reasons why.

Comfortable Weather

After a long winter many Canadians can’t wait to spend time outdoors. But then the reality of summer sets in, sunburns, heat, humidity, and bugs can make getting active outdoors more challenging than enjoyable.

Cooler temperatures can eliminate the risk of heat and sun related troubles like sunburns and heat exhaustion. Our body temperature rises on hot days and also when we exercise, making for a potentially dangerous combination. It’s also harder to cool our bodies down in humid, hot weather as humidity prevents our sweat from evaporating as quickly. So if you are turned off by the intensity of being active in the summer heat, now is your chance.

Depending on where you live, high summer temperatures or summer forest fires can lead to poor air quality. On days like this, it can actually be harmful to be outdoors, especially for people with asthma and other respiratory conditions. Generally, we do not run into this problem in the fall months throughout Canada.

Summer bug seasons can make anyone hesitant to spend time outdoors. Mosquitoes and fly species tend to take over parts of Canada starting as early as April. Thanks to dropping temperatures in fall, we don’t typically see these little pests. Bye bugs!

Less Crowds

It can be tough to enjoy the great outdoors when parks and trails are jammed packed with other eager outdoor enthusiasts. By fall, much of the summer crowds have faded at popular locations, giving you a chance to enjoy them. Just keep in mind that some trails and parks that are known for their fall colours may still be quite busy.

When it’s hot in the summer, parks usually become busy early in the day to lessen the impact of scorching daytime temperatures. In fact, it's suggested to avoid outdoor activities between the hours of 10 am and 3 pm during hot days.

While temperatures still fluctuate during the day in the fall, it is far less important to adhere to certain hours to avoid scorching temperatures. This allows for more flexibility for when you can get outside for an activity.

Seasonal Colours

Is there anything better than a fall hike to see the beautiful colours of fall? We are lucky to live in a country that experiences such dramatic changes in nature throughout the seasons. Take some time to enjoy the fall leaves while they last.

Enjoy Fall Only Activities

Don’t forget there are a handful of activities you can really only do in the fall. Getting outside for some apple picking or a stroll around the pumpkin patch are great seasonal activities that get you moving. Raking leaves and prepping your yard for winter is another fantastic way to spend time outdoors. Don’t underestimate the workout you’ll get after raking leaves for a while!

Get Active Indoors too

We understand that while there may be a lot of reasons to get outside in the fall, the weather doesn’t always cooperate. Fall can be a rainy, stormy time for parts of Canada with unpredictable weather and even snow. After summer we often see the fall season as a time to get back into a routine and make changes in our lives. With this in mind, this season can also be an excellent time to start a new indoor fitness routine or get back to your old one.