What to Do When You're Low on SmartPoints

Don’t panic! Follow these tips to make the most out of a daily budget deficiency
Published May 16, 2016

It happens to all of us, somehow it’s not even noon yet and you only have a handful of SmartPointsTM left to get you through the day. Whether it’s those sneaky bottomless mimosas that have become a brunch staple or that mile high stack of pancakes with butter and syrup, it’s easy to lose sight of your daily SmartPoints budget when you’re in the midst of enjoying your meal. While it can be shocking to see your budget disappear so early in the day, especially if you’ve already used up your extra points for the week, there’s no reason to panic and throw away your healthy eating efforts for the rest of the day. Take a few minutes to establish a plan and then follow through with it; treat the experience as a learning opportunity to help you gain control of what you’re eating. After all, no one is perfect and days like these are an inevitable part of what it means to be human. Try and use these days to have a good workout, you’ll feel better about yourself as well as earning some FitPointsTM for the week.

Begin with fruits and vegetables
Take advantage of the fact that when following the Weight Watchers plan almost all fruits and vegetables have a SmartPoints value of  zero (watch out for avocados, dried fruit and canned fruit in syrup). This opens up a myriad of choices when planning your meals and also allows you the advantage of bulking up if you're feeling hungry later in the day. Make a giant salad for dinner that night and get creative with your toppings, choosing a dressing that's low in oil  and high in flavour or other fats or even using salsa in its place. Snack on high fibre fruit and cut up vegetables throughout the day to stay satiated without worry.

Lean protein is your best friend
Besides fruits and vegetables, lean protein is a great source of energy to add to your arsenal. Combine the lean protein of your choice with as many fruits and vegetables as you'd like for a filling meal that's both delicious and low in points. Egg whites, skinless chicken breast, cottage cheese, deli-style turkey slices, low fat Greek yogurt, cheese strings, shrimp, and tofu are all excellent and filling additions to your plate.

Putting the puzzle pieces together
Now that you have a good idea of all the foods available to you that have a low SmartPoints value, it’s time to combine them into meals that are as appetizing as they are calorie-conscious.

  • Oustanding omelettes
    Scramble 3 egg whites in a non-stick pan with 2 tablespoons of salsa, 1/2 cup of black beans and any steamed vegetables of your choice for an amazing omelette that totals only 4 points.
  • SmartPoints saving soup
    Make a big pot of “zero soup” out of broth and vegetables; cabbage, onion, carrots, green beans, squash and sweet peppers are all tasty. Add 3 ounces of cubed tofu for 1 additional SmartPoint or 3 ounces of skinless chicken breast for just 2.

Not feeling creative?
Look no further than the recipes section on our website. Try these delicious recipes all for 5 SmartPoints values or less.

Pan-Seared Chicken with Wine and Herbs
Stir-Fried Spicy Ginger Shrimp with Sugar Snaps
Fresh Mozzarella-Eggplant Rounds
Asparagus, New Potato and Chive Frittata

Remember that there’s always room for dessert, too. If you’re craving something more than fruit, try these heavenly dessert recipes.
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