What is Connect?

Our members-only digital community is inspo and accountability wrapped into a fun scroll.
Published September 20, 2018 | Updated December 12, 2022

Meet your support squad

Connect has your back, 24/7.

Connect is our members-only digital community that’s filled with people like you who are working toward their goals while cheering you on as you reach yours. 

When you’re losing weight and building healthy habits, sharing the experience with others can be incredibly helpful. Connect makes it better together!

How Connect works:

Post photos or videos of your journey, recipes you love, things that inspire you, and milestones along the way. 

Get inspired. See how other members are getting healthier and get their best tips.

Explore your interests. Search hashtags via the Connect bar at the top of the screen.

Find and follow people. Check out #newbies, #wwbros, #foodies, and #turtleclub to get started.

Pay it forward. Cheer on other members by liking and commenting on their posts.

So how do I get in on this?

Tap on the Connect icon at the bottom of your home screen in the WW app. (It’s the icon on the bottom right—looks like people standing together.)

The first screen that pops up: That’s the Trending feed. The most popular posts from members will appear at the top.

To the right, you’ll notice a New tab and then a Following tab.

New features the posts members are sharing in real time.

Following has all the posts from members you follow.

How do I get to know people?

Don’t worry; we’ve made it stress-free. As you’re scrolling, like posts, comment, and follow members who interest you—just like on any other social network!

You can also…

Join a Group

See that button that says Browse groups? Tap it. Or you can search for something more specific. Top choices:


WW Bros



Living with Diabetes

Note: Connect groups are available in the WW app, not on WW.com.

Keeping You Safe

Of course, we have some rules: We designed these Connect Guidelines to keep Connect a safe space to fuel your wellness journey.

To protect your privacy, the very first time you create a post, you’ll need to select a privacy setting.

Public posts: Your posts are visible to other members and will appear in the general feed, and any member can follow you.

Private posts: Members can request to follow you, but they won't see any of your posts until you give your approval.

Whichever one you choose, your age, gender, weight, and other personal information are always private.