What Can I Eat With 30 SmartPoints?

Check out this sample menu of what you can enjoy during a day
Published January 4, 2016

Wondering what you’ll eat on the new SmartPoints plan? Here’s a sample day we created (and taste-tested) to give you some sweet and savoury meal ideas that are sure to keep you satisfied.  The best part? It all adds up to only 30 SmartPoints.

Wake up to a delicious breakfast! This filling meal is quick-and-easy to prepare and scores high on the yummy factor: Scrambled Egg Breakfast Pizza, 6 SP

Feeling peckish before lunch? Grab this great go-to snack: Fruit, Cheese and Nut Plate, 3 SP

Oh yeah, lunch time!  Enjoy this crunchy, creamy, colourful, protein-rich Ranch Chicken Salad, 6 SP

 Power through the afternoon with a snack of Guacamole and Carrots, 3 SP

Eat like a queen with this scrumptious Steak Dinner, 9 SP 

Don't forget about dessert! Enjoy these sweet treats: Chocolate-Splattered Pretzels, 3 SP