What Are Your Goals?

Make it personal, make it realistic—and make it happen!
Published February 18, 2016

Where does lasting weight loss come from? A specific plan. If you need help coming up with your weight-loss plan you can always tap into the experience and insights of a WW expert at 24/7 Chat who’s “been there, lost that” to help you set winning goals. Another effective way to create good goals is to use the SMART approach. It was originally devised as a way to set business goals, but the principles hold for life goals, too.

A good goal is….


Imagine exactly how you want to see yourself once you reach your weigh goal. Maybe it’s in a specific size of clothing or able to participate in a certain activity that you're not quite able to tackle right now. When you state your goal positively (“I want to be able to ride a rollercoaster,” rather than “I don’t want to have to sit out the rides at the amusement park”) it’s more powerful.


This one is pretty obvious for weight loss—but you might have other goals that don’t involve numbers on a scale or measuring tape. For your beyond the scale goals there are other ways to assess your progress: You can walk farther without stopping, or your blood pressure is down, or you can fit into a size-smaller pair of jeans.


While your goal should challenge you, it shouldn’t be impossible or based on what other people might choose as their goals. Keep it focused on what  you can do—refusing seconds at dinner or cooking more often than going out—rather than what you want other people to do, like wishing your spouse would stop bringing home ice cream.


Make sure your weight-loss goals fit with your lifestyle. Going to the gym every day of the week? Hmm. Maybe not right now. But scheduling a class two or three times a week on days that are normally free for you? Yeah, that might be more like it.


Keeping in mind that slow and steady wins the race, set a timeframe for when you hope to have dropped a size or have hit a certain weight. Having a date in mind will help you stay fired up. Realistically, you can expect to lose about one to two pounds per week on average. Over a year, those one to two pounds can really add up. (One pound dropped per week equals 52 pounds lost in a year, and two pounds dropped per week equals 104 pounds lost in one year!)

Need some more inspiration? We have lots of ways to guide you to the right goals, in our Plan Basics section.

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