Want to walk more? Try temptation bundling.

Try this scientifically-proven technique the next time you’re having trouble getting off the couch.
Published December 29, 2020

Hi, it’s Allison. Lately, my days of working out regularly have become a thing of the past. And it’s not just that I’ve stopped being active—I’ve stopped wanting to move.

But walking was something I knew I could do. Was I excited about it? To be honest, not really. Then I remembered a strategy I’ve read about in studies but had never tried myself. It was time to give temptation bundling a try.

Temptation bundling is combining something you already want to do with something you are trying to do more of.

I made a plan. I was going to start saving the phone calls I make on most days to catch up with friends and do it only at times when I’m going on a walk. I’d bundle the thing I want to do—calling friends—with the thing I want to do more of—going on walks.

How can you make temptation bundling work for you? Here are some ideas, whether you want to walk more or get moving in other ways:

Totally obsessed with celebrity culture?

Find a podcast about it and only listen to it when you’re on your daily walk!

Love to scroll through Instagram like time isn’t a thing?

Save it and only hit the feeds after you get home! Insta-reward!

Want to spend time virtually with a friend who also wants to get fit?

Do an Aaptiv workout together, then follow it up with a cool-down chat!

Why temptation bundling works for me

I use it to get myself started. From there, the fact that I truly like walking—in addition to the fact that I have started to feel better over time—helps keep me going. Just in a few weeks, I’ve shifted from “I’ve got to get out there” to “I want to call my sister. I can’t wait to get out there!”