Treat Yourself

Yes, there’s room for your favourite foods on the SmartPoints plan. Learn how to fit them in—— and enjoy!
Published January 28, 2016

What are some of your favourite foods? Chocolate? Cheese? Chicken Parm? Whatever you enjoy—even foods with high SmartPointsTM values—the flexibility of the plan means that you can make them yours.

Try some of these tactics:

  • Allot some of your weekly SmartPoints for favourite foods. Planning for them and pre-tracking can keep you on course.
  • Order a dessert to split.
  • Substitute lower SmartPoints value alternatives like fat-free, sugar-free pudding; sugar-free hot cocoa; or hard chocolate candies.
  • Browse the Dessert Cart for luscious options.

Reconsider your thinking

  • Weight Watchers is a lifestyle change, not a short-term fix. The plan helps nudge you to an overall healthy pattern of eating, and that means the occasional dessert, cheeseburger, martini. If it’s not livable over the long run, you won’t stick with it. Our most successful members have that mindset down pat.
  • Really enjoy it. Eat slowly and pay attention to the colours, taste, texture, and aroma. That will make the experience memorable and satisfying.
  • Make sure it’s worth it. Stale, cold doughnut or warm, fresh-baked croissant—which would you choose? (If the first bite tells you it’s meh at best, chuck the rest.)