Tracking: Why it works – from our members

Our members share why they track, why it works, and share tips to make tracking easier.
Published September 25, 2017

Tracking what you eat, when you eat it, and how much is the cornerstone of the Weight Watchers program, and is one of the most effective tools for successful weight loss.[i]

Here our members share how they track, why they do, and some simple tips for making tracking a habit that sticks!

Kristin Bourne
Even as a leader, I still track daily on the Weight Watchers app, it's the fastest and easiest way to track for me! Grocery shopping is made easy with the scanner as well. I also love the recipe builder, [it] makes figuring out SmartPoints® values per serving super easy! Tracking is definitely a must for me for maintaining my goal weight, one week without tracking and it shows on the scale!

Shanna Elizabeth
Pre-track, pre-track, pre-track. I like to plan my day in terms of food. It helps me to think before I eat and stay on track. It makes me ask, "is this really worth it to me?"

Nancy Martindale Hallman
I have l always been a paper and pencil girl until I really decided to give the app the full attention of my efforts. Having my plan at my fingertips has made me very aware of the choices I make day to day and week to week. I try to be as consistent as possible even when I am out of my routine. I use the app first thing in the morning to schedule my fuel for my day. Things change so I need to know what I have used and where I can balance out my day if I have to.

Crystal Harper
I pre-track my day, usually the night before. I always try to leave 4-6 SmartPoints leftover so that I have some wiggle room and in case I feel like having dessert or I'm hungry at some point in the day. I also track my water in the app by choosing water and putting how many ounces I've drank, I put it in the snacks area.

Carly Bernard
I meal prep all of my breakfast, lunches, and snacks for the week on the weekend - so I pre-track everything for the week right then.

Throughout the week I paper track as I eat each meal. It helps me stay on plan because everything is planned out, and I have an idea ahead of time if I have room for indulgences if something happens to come up.

Mieke Barette
Taking pictures and posting them on Connect or Instagram make me accountable to my food choices and help me visually track my day.

Morgan Dobroshinsky
For me, whenever I pack my breakfast, lunch and snacks to take with me to work the next day, I put it in my tracker right then! That way when I get to work the next day, I can decide whether or not to go out for the coffee break with coworkers or just go for the walk. When it's pre-tracked, I know that is what my day looks like and how many points I have for dinner left over and any treats! Pre-tracking always keeps me on track throughout the day because nothing is up in the air!


[i] *Burke LE, Wang J, Sevick MA. Self-monitoring in weight loss: a systematic review of the literature. J Am Diet Assoc. 2011 Jan;111(1):92-102.