Top Valentine’s Day treats

Plus, their SmartPoints value.
Published January 31, 2020


With Valentine’s Day upon us, its great to know how many SmartPoints are in your favourite heart-shaped treats! Here we’ve rounded up some of the most popular sweet treats and their SmartPoints values.



Chocolate truffle

12 SmartPoints: 3 truffles


Cinnamon hearts

3 SmartPoints: 15g


Conversation hearts

3 SmartPoints: 9 hearts


Chocolate kisses

11 SmartPoints: 9 kisses

Chocolate hearts

11 SmartPoints: 6 hearts

Heart-shaped lollipops

3 SmartPoints: 2 lollipops


Red velvet cupcakes

9 SmartPoints: 1 cupcake

Sparkling rose

5 SmartPoints: 5 oz