Succeed This Summer!

Stay connected to your plan with these strategies.
Published June 10, 2016

Summer’s many delights can pose challenges to staying on top of your plan. But here’s the thing: It’s totally normal to drift a bit. Luckily, there are lots of ways to accommodate your desire to have fun, travel, entertain—in short, to enjoy all that the season has to offer—while not losing touch with your healthy-living efforts. You might end up tweaking your goals, or to allow a small gain— but what’s important is to stay connected so you don’t go too far off track.

And thanks to our new Summer TRY-athon, it’s a pleasure to do so—literally. We’re encouraging you to try something new—whether it’s that Thai restaurant that’s just opened in town, or a barre class, or even finally making time to shop for a new suit. 

Try these ideas to help you stay focused to your summer goals:

Be here now
As long as you’re committed to your plan today, you’re succeeding because you’re taking charge of your life. Scanning the horizon for goals that are far in the future can sap your motivation.

Watch your language
Recast negative phrases. Instead of saying "No,” “I can’t” or “I’ll try,” shift to the positive. Say: “Yes,” “I can” and “I will.” For example, instead of saying, “I won’t overeat” or “I can’t have chocolate,” say “I will track my food and stay within my budget.”

Picture this 
Find a photo of yourself before you started your weight-loss plan. Tack it on the refrigerator, a bedroom or bathroom mirror, or inside the pantry. As you reach new goals, take new pictures to visually mark your progress.

Weigh in
Although the number on the scale isn’t the only way to measure success, weighing in every week can help to keep you accountable and guard against a slip becoming a slide.

Keep moving
It does you good physically and mentally—and every little bit counts! And an activity device like a Fitbit® makes sure to count every little bit! Watching your steps add up can be a great motivator. 

Partner up
Exercising with a friend makes an everyday workout a social event. Schedule days to meet with your workout buddy, and if one of you tries to bow out, act as the other’s conscience. 

Be in touch
Hit up a meeting regularly—even when you’re on vacation if you can. It’ll connect you with a member support system that will give you a gentle nudge if needed. If you’re away from home, try our Find a Meeting tool or use Connect on our mobile app which brings a world of encouragement and inspiration to your fingertips.

Set mini goals (and celebrate yourself!)
When long-term goals seem far away, downsize them. Making it to the gym once a week counts; so does choosing a fruit or veg for your snack. Thank yourself for your commitment and hard work with a non-food pleasure. It doesn’t have to cost a thing: take a book or DVD out from the library, steal a 20-minute nap, take a selfie and post it on Connect. Do something that makes you feel good about you—and do it often, all summer long!

Summer salads
If you can't stand the heat.... keep the cooking to a minimum and serve up these perfect summer salads: Lemony Sugar Snap Pea Salad or our Arugula, Peach and Goat Cheese Salad.