Style Tips for the Summer Season

Revamp your wardrobe for the hottest days of the year
Published June 28, 2016

Hot temperatures are here and alarm bells are going off in your head. You need to revamp your wardrobe and you’re not sure which of this summer’s many cool and comfortable looks will also have you looking your most fabulous. Here are some quick tips to get you looking great.

If you're busty
Above all, you want items that will give your waist some definition. Loose, formless summer dresses may feel good but won’t flatter you very well. Outfits that hug the narrowest part of your body tight while adding volume to balance your bottom-half will play up your great, feminine shape. A dress that matches a well-constructed top with an A-line or tulip skirt will complement your figure and give you extra points for retro glamour. Prints are big this season but if you want to incorporate them well, go for abstract floral prints over defined shapes that might be stretched or distorted by your curves.

If you're pear-shaped
Don’t allow your bottom to hog all the attention; opt for styles that accentuate your top-half too, such as a cutout back or one-shoulder design. For this body type, the best skirt lengths to stick with are either above the knee or floor-length. Anything in between will make your lower half dominate the whole look. You may find that full pieces are more likely to flatter than colour-block skirt and shirt combinations. So take advantage and go for one of this summer’s trendiest looks—the floor-length maxi dress. And if you want to wear a print, patterns that spread vertically are always the most slimming and elongating

If you're curvy all over
More structure and extra, or more obvious, seams will give your body the lines you would like to have. Instead of hiding in loose and airy dresses, work summer styles to your advantage and show off your best assets. While you’ve still got those extra pounds to go, you’re best off with items that are form fitting. It’s only too tight if it doesn’t maintain the shape of the clothing on the hanger. One hot style that always looks fabulous is the shirt-dress, best with a seam or belt across the waist. Or, try the wrap dress for another great style that provides even more flexible comfort. If you like prints, go for the full effect with bigger ones. With your best designs, there’s no need to play it safe with small prints.

If you're on the taller side
Be proud of your stature! But if you want to stick with looks that complement rather than add to your size, look for dresses that sit less than 6 inches above the knee. Any shorter and you’ll risk showing a scandalous amount of leg. A chunky hemline on the bottom of your dress can also break up your length while giving your look a high-fashion accent. Or, go more casual with a of pair skinny ankle pants with strappy flats.

If you're vertically challenged
If you want to give yourself some extra length, pair wide-leg summer pants with a pair of espadrilles, or other comfortable wedge sandals. Wearing a mini-dress is also a sure way to highlight your legs and give them the appearance of extra length without the chunky footwear.

Celebrate summer. You’ve stashed away your coat. Now get outside, get some colour back in your cheeks and look the best you have all year in this season’s most beautiful trends. Remember, if you stick with the styles that highlight your best assets, you will always look hot while you’re dressing to stay cool.