Slimmed-down St. Patrick's Day

Celebrate the holiday without veering off plan.
Published March 4, 2016

Just because St. Patrick's Day is often associated with consuming an overabundance of beer and pub grub, doesn't mean you have to interrupt your healthy eating plans to join the celebration.These 9 tips will get you through the day without racking up over-the-rainbow SmartPoints® values.

1. Join the fun. Instead of sitting on the sidelines, march in the parade! Either join a group that's walking or march to your own beat.

2. Play games with green. Start your own tradition: Every time someone around you mentions green, tack on an additional push-up or an extra minute of cardio to the next day's workout.

3. Look for leprechauns. Taking a hike in the spring weather can be an excellent way to see some natural greens. Pack a lunch and hit the trails.

4. Swap green beer for green tea. Besides all of the added health benefits, drinking green tea will put you into a different kind of holiday spirit — a relaxed one.

5. Make a festive plate. Celebrate by eating all the verdant veggies you can get your hands on: spinach, broccoli, green beans, lettuce.

6. Go in search of luck. Weather permitting, get outside and into the grass to hunt for four-leaf clovers.

7. Throw a party. Invite friends to your place and require that each bring a healthy dish. With you in control of the food and the drink, it won't take any luck to get you through the holiday.

8. Keep things fun. Use green food-colouring to make healthy and festive snacks for you or your kids. Low SmartPoints-value green milkshakes, anyone?

9. Forge a path to your pot of gold. Write your accomplishments on slips of paper and keep them together in a little black pot. One day, that pot of success will make you feel rich.