Restaurant Guide: Harvey’s

Easy Points-based ordering at this Canadian classic burger spot.
Published January 25, 2023

Harvey’s is of course known for its burgers, so we’ve listed the Points values for some common orders here. At Harvey’s each burger is fully customizable so here we have given ranges for standard menu items. At the lowest end of the spectrum, you’ll find the Veggie Burger and the Junior Burger, at 7 and 8 Points, respectively. At the opposite end, you’ve got the Big Harv Angus, which comes in at 27 Points. Smaller sizes and eliminating high-Point ingredients like cheese and bacon will help keep the Points values down.


Big Harv Angus 27
Angus Burger 13
Angus Burger with Cheese 16
Angus Burger with Cheese & Bacon 18
Big Harv Original 21
Original Burger 14
Original Burger with Cheese 17
Original Burger with Cheese & Bacon 18
Jr. Burger 8
Jr. Burger with Cheese 10
Jr. Burger with Cheese and Bacon 12
Veggie Burger 7
Veggie Burger with Cheese 9


While known for its burgers, Harvey’s also has some other meal options if you’re just not feeling a burger. A Grilled Chicken Sandwich is 4 Points, while a two-piece serving of Chicken Strips is 6 Points. You can also get melas like the Grilled Chicken Wrap, for 10 Points.

Grilled Chicken Sandwich4
Crispy Chicken Sandwich14
Buffalo Crispy Chicken Sandwich19
Jr. Crispy Sandwich 10
Chicken Strips (2 pieces)6
Chicken Strips (4 pieces)11
Chicken Nuggets (5 pieces)10
Chicken Nuggets (8 pieces)16


Grilled Chicken Wrap 10
Crispy Chicken Wrap19
Buffalo Crispy Chicken Wrap25

Salads & Hotdog

If you’re feeling a salad instead, you can keep things light with the Grilled Chicken Salad (0 Points without dressing). Grilling will be lower Points than frying, and getting no dressing or dressing on the side will also save some Points.

Grilled Chicken Salad (without dressing)0
Crispy Chicken Salad (without dressing)9
Buffalo Chicken Salad (without dressing)14
Grilled Hot Dog15


Poutines are also on offer at Harvey’s, and are on the higher end of the Points spectrum. Of course, nothing is off the table on WeightWatchers, so by knowing the Points values ahead of time, you can plan your day or week accordingly and track your meal before you even get to the restaurant.

Classic Poutine (regular)23
Bacon Double Cheese Poutine (regular)30
Buffalo Chicken Poutine (regular)29
Chicken Bacon Ranch Poutine (regular)30

Snacks & Sides

Sides at Harvey’s include fries, of course, onion rings, deep fried pickles, and pie. Most of these average between 9 and 12 Points. For a Points-free side, try the garden salad, which is made up of non-starchy veggies – a Zero Point Food.

Fries (kids)9
Fries (regular)12
Onion Rings (regular)10
Deep Fried Pickles6
Gravy 1
Garden Side Salad 0
Blueberry Pie11
Apple Pie9
Donuts (4 pack)16

Dipping Sauces

Dipping sauces at Harvey’s are all around 3 or 4 Points, depending on the flavour, which makes tracking pretty easy.

BBQ Dipping Sauce3
Ranch Dipping Sauce4
Honey Mustard Dipping Sauce4
Sweet and Sour Dipping Sauce3
Sweet Heat Dipping Sauce3
Garlic Dill Dipping Sauce 3
Ghost Pepper Dipping Sauce4

Frozen Drinks

Harvey’s also offers frozen drinks like milkshakes and slushies, so we’ve listed their Points values too (based on regular sizes). They’re all between 31 and 42 Points each.

Chocolate Milkshake (regular)38
Vanilla Milkshake (regular)32
Strawberry Milkshake (regular) 38
SKOR Milkshake (regular) 42
Oreo Milkshake (regular)43
Lemonade Slushie (regular)31
Blue Raspberry Slushie (regular)33
Cherry Slushie (regular)31