Randy and Amanda

Published June 11, 2019

Amanda (left) and Randy (right) WW members.


Randy, a full-time grandpa of four grandkids (two of whom are one-year-old twins) which keeps him busy! Randy joined WW in January 2016 after some eye-opening health and wellness concerns and has now lost about 130 lbs. Two and a half years later his daughter Amanda joined WW after being inspired by her dad’s impressive grit and progress and has since lost about 79 lbs. Together they have not only lost weight but regained the energy and stamina to chase around four little ones. Here, they share their WW journey.


WW: What is your “why” for joining WW?

Randy: I believe I got to a point in my life when I felt like I was starting to shut down mentally. Avoiding functions or getting together with people I hadn’t seen in a long time. I remember the day I was reading an article, and it referred to an individual my size as morbidly obese. That struck me at my core. The WW membership was a birthday gift from my wife.

Amanda: I have 14-month-old twins named Colton and Isabella and a 2-and-a-half-year-old named Maverick. After I had the twins last year, I found myself stress eating and putting my needs and health last. I watched my dad work the program like a warrior, and I couldn’t help but be inspired by his dedication and success. I decided to put myself first for the sake of my family so that I could be the best version of me that they need. Being a mama is the most important role that I play, and I feel so much happier and healthier since I started my journey on WW!


WW: How has working the program together helped along your journey?

Randy: At first, when it was only me on the plan, I had to pack my meals accordingly when going to Amanda’s to help with the kids. As well, I had to coordinate my activities (like walking) around [the] children. Now that Amanda is on the plan as well, we always have a plan before I leave my house. I passed on the core values from WW to her: tracking, activity, forgiveness.

Amanda: Having my dad by my side has been instrumental in my continued success and motivation. If I am feeling discouraged or unmotivated, he gives me the extra push that I need, and he celebrates my successes (often more than I do)! We share recipes and words of wisdom, and he continues to inspire me every day to reach goal and lifetime like he has!


WW: What are some activities that you do together that make the program work?

Randy: Amanda is constantly sharing meal ideas with my wife and I or we’ll show up with another WW care package. Maybe a recipe or new protein I introduced or a WW snack. A typical visit starts at 6 a.m. Feed the babies. I head out for my walk, babies go down for a two-hour nap and Amanda hits the treadmill for an hour. We always, always have a plan. Needless to say, with three babies, Amanda can easily knock out 20,000 steps in a day.

Amanda: We like to share recipes and go for long walks together whenever we can! The best way that we get activity together is by chasing around my three kids!


WW: How has the program changed your life?

Randy: My energy level is certainly number one. I’m very task-oriented now. I’m the guy who pops out of the chair to do something. I am medication free. I am now the guy that preaches the beauty of taking in nature on one of my many walks.

Amanda: I have so much more confidence than I’ve ever felt before. I used to hide from cameras - I was the mom who always took the pictures and never wanted to be in them. I’m eager to get in the photos now - not because of my own vanity - but because I know that these are memories and moments that I will be proud to look back on. I work hard every day for this and the energy and positivity that I feel as a result can’t be matched by anything!


WW: What do you think is key to your success on the program?

Randy: I made a commitment to always let the WW plan drip into my life but not let life drip into my plan. My mother was my biggest fan and my inspiration followed by my wife. It was always important to me what my mother thought. I have never missed a tracking day since I started, and I always have a plan. I made this plan personal. When I embraced the fact [that] this wasn’t a weight loss plan but a philosophical change, I knew I had it. Amanda is now my inspiration as I believe her journey has been much more challenging. I am very proud of her! The student has now become the teacher.

Amanda: Tracking and exercising every day are the keys to my success. I track my entire day first thing in the morning so that I am not met with any surprises. I plan my meals weekly and make time every day to get some “me time” to exercise!


WW: What is your favourite WW tool?

Randy: 100% the app. I do it faithfully. Pre-tracking is essential. I used to have fun with my oldest granddaughter looking at points through the app from fast food establishments. Funny at first but then I would refer to that anytime I needed to remind myself what I was getting into. The other option I look at is my weigh-in history. Any time you think you’re struggling, look back and you would be surprised about the number of victories you have achieved. Lastly, my WW group championed by Judy is an inspiration week in, and week out!

Amanda: I love being able to quickly scan things in the grocery store and use the recipe builder to determine points and try new things!