Points Values of Your Favourite Halloween Candy

A cheat sheet for all your favourite fun size treats.
Published October 5, 2022

The time for Halloween candy may be here, but there’s no reason to fear your favourite seasonal sweets and treats! We’ve compiled the Points values of your most-loved chocolates, gummies, and sour candies all in one place, making it easier than ever to incorporate these classic confections into your daily Points budget.

Chocolatey Classics

Whether you love wafer chocolate bars or prefer those filled with caramel and nuts, the following table offers all the information you need to fit your favourite chocolate Halloween treats into your Points budget.

Because it’s much easier to accidentally overindulge when eating in front of the TV or other screen, try taking the time to mindfully savour chocolate without distraction. Another tip for making chocolate last well into November? Store leftover chocolate in the freezer—since it takes time for the frozen chocolate to thaw on the countertop, it can’t be eaten as mindlessly as if it was at room temperature.

Coffee Crisp (full size)14
Coffee Crisp (mini size)3
Oh Henry! (full size)15
Oh Henry! (mini size)4
KitKat (full size)13
KitKat (mini size)4
Mars Bar (full size)14
Mars Bar (mini size)4
Snickers (full size)13
Snickers (mini size)3
Twix (full size)14
Twix (mini size)3
Aero (full size)12
Aero (mini size)2
M&M’s Milk Chocolate Candies (full size)12
M&M’s Milk Chocolate Candies (mini size)4
M&M’s Peanut Chocolate Candies (full size)10
M&M’s Peanut Chocolate Candies (mini size)3
Smarties (full size)12
Smarties (mini size)3

Sweet Classics

From sour sugar-coated gummies to chewy candies, fun-sized Halloween treats are the perfect opportunity to sample smaller sizes of the confections listed below. Eating a selection of bite-sized, pre-portioned treats means you don’t have to abstain from seasonal candy, especially when it’s so easy to make your choices part of your daily Points budget.

If you find that the sudden availability of candy is overwhelming, try portioning out small bags or containers of Halloween candy for each day—store any candy that’s meant for another day out of sight or in the freezer. In addition to portion control, enjoying candy as dessert or in conjunction with a healthy snack is a great idea in terms of increasing the satiety factor after a sugary treat.

Sour Patch Kids (full size)10
Sour Patch Kids (mini size)3
Fuzzy Peach (full size)10
Fuzzy Peach (mini size)3
Swedish Berries (full size)9
Swedish Berries (mini size)3
Swedish Fish (full size)9
Swedish Fish (mini size)3
Skittles (full size)11
Skittles (mini size)4
Starburst (full size)15
Starburst (mini size)3