Plan your next grocery haul

Jackie's got your shopping list and everything!
Published November 23, 2020

Getting ready for your first grocery store visit while on WW? Check out Jackie's tips for planning a stress free trip. (No spur-of-the-moment decisions when you're already starving!)

Top takeaways:

How to build the best shopping list:

  1. Check your schedule
  2. Prioritize ZeroPoint foods
  3. Use pre-prepped ingredients
  4. Experiment with spices
  5. Stock up on satisfying staples

Download Jackie’s 5-day meal plan and shopping list!

Since your kitchen is really where it all happens, stocking up on nutritious ingredients is the simplest, most powerful tool you’ve got toward helping you stick to your plan. Keeping foods on-hand that are versatile, nutritious, and satisfying for meals and snacks means you’ll use what you have and what’s easiest to access, so the more you’re able to keep those foods front and center (in your fridge, freezer, or pantry), the better prepared you are to make choices that feel really right for you. Because, let’s be honest: (Nothing good happens when the only thing in your kitchen is a tea bag & semi-sweet, semi-stale baking chips!).


1. Start by scanning your schedule. Since where you are, physically, when you eat matters when it comes to food decisions: I always recommend a quick calendar-check before you make any moves. Where you’ll actually be spending time in the coming week helps you realistically shop for ingredients that help make it easier to make those meal ideas a reality .

2. Zero in on your ZeroPoints foods list. I always give the tip to shop these foods first when you’re just starting out. That way, you know, you’ve got your go-to foods on hand no matter what. And regardless of your myWW plan, you’ve got my blessing to “borrow” my mantra: More vegetables, more fruit, more often! Whether it’s canned, fresh, or frozen — having a variety of veg and fruit on-hand makes it that much easier to add in to your repertoire!

1. Pro-tip: Take short-cuts when you can.Pre-prepped veggies are a mainstay for me (e.g. frozen riced cauliflower, pre-chopped veggie blends, bagged spinach or kale, along with prepped ingredients like minced garlic, diced onions or sliced scallions.

3. Stock up on satisfying staples. Some nutrient-dense ingredients will be higher in SmartPoints than others, but, reminder: YOU NEED THESE, TOO! Especially when it comes to the staples you need to actually make the delicious meals you love! Think: nut butters, cooking oils, avocado, cheese-- you’ll use these foods as a part of your meals and snacks to make satisfying choices, consistently--which will naturally help you stay within your SPB, since you’ll be primed to feel less hungry later on.

4. Spice it up! Pick one new spice or herb to experiment with-- something you’re excited to try. Then type it into the WW app and see all the different recipes that come up. The best thing about this trick is that it allows you to maximize your grocery haul so you use foods you love to experiment with new flavors and cuisine types. Ones I love: Everything Bagel Seasoning, Cinnamon, and Nutmeg.

5. Check out the shopping list we’ve sent you. Even if your next grocery trip isn't for a few days, make your list now. To help you out, we’ve already emailed you one, and you can also find it in the app! Use this as a guide for what to keep on hand, and don’t fret if your grocery haul feels overwhelming! Your in-app barcode scanner can lend a hand for items you’re confused about!

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