A PersonalPoints guide to ordering at Swiss Chalet

Published January 19, 2020

The next time you find yourself hankering for Swiss Chalet, this guide will come in handy for making the most of your PersonalPoints budget.

WW menu

WW and Swiss Chalet have partnered up to create a healthy selections section of their menu complete with PersonalPoints values right on the menu, making ordering from this part of the menu super easy. Some highlights include:

ItemPersonalPoints/PersonalPoints Range
WW Quarter Chicken Dinner Combo


WW Quarter Chicken Dinner Combo - White Meat5-11
WW Quarter Chicken Dinner White Meat Soup Bundle9-19
WW Chicken on a Bun White Meat Combo8-12

Check out this link to see the full WW endorsed menu.

Classic rotisserie chicken dinners

A rotisserie chicken dinner – what’s a more classic Swiss Chalet meal? Depending on how you put together your meal, the Swiss Chalet Rotisserie Chicken Dinners can be very PersonalPoints-friendly.

Here are some fan favourites (note that the PersonalPoints values are calculated without sides and chalet sauce).

ItemPersonalPoints/PersonalPoints Range
Quarter chicken dark meat dinner (with skin)8
Quarter chicken white meat dinner (with skin)3-9
Half chicken dinner (with skin)8-12
Double leg chicken dinner (with skin)18
Chicken pot pie18
Chicken on a bun white meat 6-10

Sides and dips

To accompany your choice of rotisserie chicken, Swiss Chalet offers up a host of classic sides that you can mix and match to make your perfect dinner.

ItemPersonalPoints/PersonalPoints Range
Chalet dipping sauce


Butter pots2
Mashed potato (no gravy)2-6
Market vegetables 0
Oven baked potato (no toppings)0-6
Green beans with garlic spread6

Seasoned rice pilaf20
Garden salad (no dressing)0
Fresh cut fries15
Creamy coleslaw (with dressing)3
Chalet chicken soup (cup)3
Dinner roll (white or multigrain)4

Other dishes

If you’re feeling something other than a rotisserie chicken dinner, you can try their ribs, handhelds or salads. Note that ribs and wings are always going to be higher in PersonalPoints values (but that’s what weeklies and rollovers are for!) The list below is a sampling of other menu options that are favourites.

ItemPersonalPoints/PersonalPoints Range
1/3 Rack BBQ Side Ribs15
Full rack BBQ ribs 46
Full rack BBQ side ribs (no sides)38
Chicken wings (10 wings, no sauce)24
Rotisserie Chicken Club Wrap (white meat, no side)20-23
Kale Caesar Salad (with white meat)9-10
Kale Caesar salad (no chicken, no bacon)6
Beet and feta salad (with white meat)15-19

This is just a small sampling of all the great offerings by Swiss Chalet. To see the full PersonalPoints values check the restaurants section of your app, or simply search “Swiss Chalet” in the search field in your app.