Move of
the Week: Sit-ups

Up for a challenge? Try a new exercise this week as you work towards your fitness goals
Published June 15, 2016


The traditional sit-up is a tried and true exercise that has stood the test of time.  Several common mistakes, however, prevent people from doing it well and getting results.

  1. Lying on your back on the floor, bend your knees at 90 degrees and make sure your feet are flat and shoulder width apart. To prevent pulling your neck with your hands, tuck in your chin and place your arms in an X across your chest. 
  2. Without jerking, begin raising your upper body off the floor and slowly curl towards your thighs. 
  3. Reverse the movement to starting position and repeat 15 more times. 

If you find it too challenging to raise all the way up, go ahead and secure your toes under a couch or against a wall for extra support. Increased core strength will improve your balance, posture and everyday functional movements.