Move of
the Week:
Mountain Climbers

Up for a challenge? Try a new exercise this week as you work towards your fitness goals
Published May 10, 2016

Mountain climbers

This challenging movement is a great way to get the heart rate up, build lean muscle mass in the hamstrings, glutes and quads as well as strengthen the upper body from holding yourself up. As your upper body is stabilizing, your hips are working and your abs are getting tight, strengthing your whole body. 

  1. Starting on your hands and toes in a push up position, raise one foot off the ground and drive the knee into your chest.  
  2. Return to starting position and repeat the same movement with the other leg until you can comfortably increase the speed. 

To crank up the intensity, try alternating between slower and quicker tempos. Set a timer and aim to complete five 30-second rounds with 20 second breaks between. Try performing this exercise every day this week.