Move of
the Week:
The Glute Bridge

Up for a challenge? Try a new exercise this week as you work towards your fitness goals
Published April 20, 2016

The glute bridge
The glute bridge is excellent for many reasons but one being the obvious; it’s a great tush toner!  Besides tightening the gluteal muscles, it also works the mid-section and hamstrings at the back of the legs.

  1. Lying on your back, place your feet hip width apart about a foot away from your buttocks with your toes facing outward. 
  2. Start by contracting your abs to flatten your lower back onto the floor and try to keep this contraction throughout the movement.
  3. Breathe out while slowly pressing your heels into the floor and raising your hips up toward the ceiling.  Don’t forget to squeeze the glutes!  Try to avoid arching your back or pushing up too high where hyperextension comes into play. 
  4. Bring yourself back to starting position and repeat.

 Aim for two rounds of 20 glute bridges daily and to step it up a notch, raise one leg up to the ceiling as you push from one heel at a time.