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Move to Lose More!

There are many reasons to be physically active—not least of which is that it can help you shed pounds!
Published August 27, 2017

You've heard it before: Moving more can help lower your risk of diabetes, certain cancers, and heart disease. It can boost heart health, bone density, and your mood. And, yep, it can help with weight loss!

You can lose more weight when you not only change what you eat, but ramp up your physical activity, too. In fact, combining dietary changes with more movement can bump your weight loss by up to 20 per cent! Physical activity is the gift that keeps on giving: It's the single best predictor of who keeps weight off and who doesn't.

All movement counts, so think about how you enjoy moving, whether it's walking, swimming, playing with your kids, gardening.... The exercise in your Weekly can help you bring your idea to reality.

Whatever you choose, here are some ways to make that activity happen:

Make your environment activity friendly: Think about how your surroundings help—or hinder—your intentions to build more activity into your life. Can you keep a jump rope or balance ball by the TV? Reserve a top drawer for your workout clothes? Stick an inspirational motto on your bathroom mirror?

Take up healthy actions. Which new activities have you started since you started Weight Watchers? How do you fit them into your day? 

Assess your capabilities: What can you do now that you couldn't (or wouldn’t) do before joining Weight Watchers®? Is there an activity you'd like to try? What's been holding you back?

Look at your beliefs: How does the way you feel about yourself affect your ability or drive to be active? What can help you feel empowered to take up exercise or try something new?

Arrive at a new identity: Seeing yourself as an active person, as well as, say, a salesperson, mom, and organizer, is a matter of combining the externals—a healthy environment and helpful actions—with your positive feelings about yourself. Look in the mirror and you’re likely to see a confident, hopeful person ready for your next move!