Living the Plan

Take a deeper (delicious) dive into your menu options on WW Freestyle.
Published January 5, 2018

By now, you've probably gotten the basics of the program down, from your Daily and Weekly SmartPoints® Budgets to the wonderfully freeing "do what you love" mantra for activity and maybe even to the importance of a realistic, open mindset for weight-loss success. This week, we'll go deeper into how you can work the SmartPoints system for satisfaction, variety, and most of all: livability!

Love those zero Points® foods!

The pointers in your Weekly outline three key ways to work with zero Points® foods (after all, there are now [more than 200 of them!)

As the base of a meal where you then layer in other foods with (or without) SmartPoints.

When you're tapped out of your daily Budget by dinnertime. But remember that even 5 SmartPoints above your daily Budget still puts you in the Healthy Eating Zone (if you track on the app, you'll get a blue dot when you hit the Zone; post your #bluedot triumph on Connect!)

For a special meal: Save up your SmartPoints by focusing on low or zero Points foods for the rest of the day.

But wait, there's more!

To live the program fully so that it's a lifestyle rather than, you know, a d-i-e-t, use all the features of WW Freestyle:

Roll 'em over! Up to 4 unused daily SmartPoints automatically roll over into your weeklies, giving you the flexibility to go lower one day, higher the next.

Heed your Budget. Yeah, you could you eat nothing but zero Points foods all day long—but you're likely to miss your favourite foods that have SmartPoints, and we don't have to tell you what happens when you feel deprived. What's more, you might miss out on essential nutrients in foods that have SmartPoints. That's why we cap daily rollovers at 4 SmartPoints. Trust us, you'll lose weight.

Use your tools. You probably track food and activity in My Day, but there's a slew of other options: Find recipes (make sure to click on the filters just below the search bar to narrow down results), chart your weight-loss progress, get help anytime from an expert (click on the tab at the bottom right of your screen in My Day). The WW mobile app also offers a barcode scanner so you can check SmartPoints of packaged foods on the go (and track them right away).

Get Connect-ed. Our exclusive social network is welcoming, informative, inspirational, and just for members like you. When it comes to living the program, you'll get dozens of tasty tips; search hashtags such as #whatiate, #delicious, #mealprep, and #dinner. (Post your own photos and videos, too!)