Lifetime Membership Matters

What exactly does it mean to be a lifetime member and how do you become one?

In your meeting you may have heard one or more people refer to themselves as lifetime members of Weight Watchers. But what does that mean? Becoming a lifetime member is something we offer everyone to help motivate you to hit your goal weight and stick to it. To qualify as a lifetime member, you must hit your goal weight and maintain it by weighing no more than two pounds over that goal for six weeks. At the end of that maintenance period you'll become a lifetime member.

There are many benefits to achieving lifetime status at Weight Watchers. Lifetime members may attend as many meetings as they like anywhere in the world, providing they weigh-in once a month at no more than two pounds over their goal weight. Paying Lifetime members will either be able to purchase a standard meeting room MP vouchers without the starter fee or purchase the current promotional joining offer (which may include a starter fee). The paying Lifetime member will be able to choose whichever is less. They are welcome to purchase the joining offer if they feel it is the best deal but there will be no refunding of the starter fee that may be part of that promotional price. We will no longer refund the starter fee to a Lifetime member who has purchased the deeply discounted promotional joining offer.

Lifetime members are a valuable resource in the meeting room. They are living proof that the program works and that real people are achieving success with it every day! Although they are only required to weigh in once a month, they are encouraged to attend as many meetings as they need and weigh in more often if it enhances their maintenance experience. New members may want to seek out and listen to the advice and lessons available from lifetime members.

Valuable advice and tips from some of our lifetime members.

“Keep tracking SmartPoints values even after you've reached goal. It’s too easy to increase your portion sizes if you don't.”

“Enjoy every day you are on plan. Laugh at your mistakes and celebrate your successes.”

“Create a strong catalog of meals you love to eat. Eat only what you truly love and the plan will be a joy.”

“Keep yourself busy so the focus of your life isn't food!”

“Be intentional about your healthy lifestyle. Don't leave it up to chance.”

“Lifetime membership is the greatest gift. I encourage my co-workers to please hang in there, because earning lifetime status will keep them fit for life. I have remained faithful to my goal because Weight Watchers helped me change the way I eat for life.”

“Anyone can lose weight—we've done it a million times—but the key to keeping the weight off is to embrace your new lifestyle. Tell yourself, ‘I love the new me!’”

“The Weight Watchers website is so helpful to me as a lifetime member. The success stories remind me that the journey I began two years ago will never be over. I remain just as alert and dedicated as I was as a beginner to avoid pitfalls. Sometimes it's difficult when there is no goal weight left to aim for—that's when I hit the site for a boost.”