Kellie, 33

Lost 23 lb* with Weight Watchers
Published June 6, 2016

“When I saw my body changing, I knew I was no longer that little girl who needed to be accepted. Once I embraced myself the way I was, I started looking at life differently.”

"There are high expectations in Asian culture. The typical standard for a girl is to be ultra-thin, with perfect porcelain skin. My mother would always comment about my weight; I was never skinny enough for her unless I was a size 0. I even felt pressure to whiten my skin. That was hard. Growing up, not only are you trying to be accepted in school, but you also need to fit in with your family. All that negativity didn’t work for me. Sure, I’d try to eat only fruits and vegetables to lose weight, but eventually, I’d start turning to burgers and fries for satisfaction. I was so uncomfortable in my body; it took a lot just to get out of the house. I’d avoid going to the store, making eye contact, taking photos—even though, at five feet tall, I’d always be pushed to the front in a group picture."

"Along the way, it became more than that—it wasn’t about being skinny at all. It was about being healthy and loving myself for who I am and loving the body that gave me a beautiful daughter. Because of my journey, I am emotionally, mentally, and physically stronger than I’ve ever been. I’ve removed all negative thoughts instilled in me from childhood and choose to live a happy, positive life for myself, my daughter, and my husband. Of course I’d like to get that validation from my mother since she was the one who imposed this image of the “perfect daughter” on me. I know I still want that, but I no longer need that. I’m happy with who I am and who I’ve become. This is who I am, and I love me."