Introducing: myWW+

A holistic approach to weight loss and wellness
Published November 3, 2020

Welcome to the NEW myWW+

Meet our most holistic weight-loss experience ever!

We all know that there’s a connection between weight loss and healthy eating, but that’s not the whole picture. Real success comes from tackling the many elements that contribute to your weight loss, like nutrition, movement, mindset, and sleep.

myWW+ has new nutrition, activity, sleep, and mindset tools designed to make weight loss easier!

NEW: Wellness Check-in and Progress reports!

Our enhanced wellness check-in will help you better track your progress, set goals, and reflect back on the week with three new features:

Wellness check-in: Track your weight, reflect on last week’s goal and log how you felt.

Progress report: Your progress report will help you better understand how you are doing in food, activity, mindset, and sleep!

My Action Plan: Pick a goal - or create your own - that you will tackle in the upcoming week!

You can access the new wellness experience by tapping on the card on the WW app home screen.

NEW: What’s in your fridge tool

Wondering what to cook? Let us help you with the new What’s in your fridge feature!

Add ingredients you have on hand, exclude any you don't want to include, and even set a SmartPoints range and we will suggest to you WW recipes that match those filters!

NEW: 5-minute coaching

Enhance your mindset practice with new five-minute coaching. Whether you want to set your intention for the day, outsmart boredom eating, manage stress, or unwind for the day these guided audio sessions can help you mind your mindfulness.

NEW: Activity dashboard

Our activity tab in the app has gotten a refresh! See your FitPoints progress, synch your activity device, and access Aaptiv and FitOn for a multitude of activity audio and video classes!

More holistic wellness tools!

Water tracking

Use the one-tap water tracking in My Day to simply keep track of your daily hydration. Use the default serving or customize your own!

Sleep tracking

We know how integral good sleep is to your overall wellness, that's why we’ve made sleep a part of your wellness journey. Manually track your sleep by tapping the sleep card in My Day or sync your sleep-enabled fitness device to have it track automatically! See your sleep as a part of your progress report!