Our members dish on their fridge must-haves.
Published April 18, 2017

With a program like Weight Watchers, we can only talk so much about how great it is to make a healthy change. But why hear it from us when you can hear it from someone on the program right now? We asked some of our proudest and most successful members to share what’s in their fridge!  



My fridge is big enough for a small household, just me and my fiancé.  Typically, the bulk of what you see in our fridge is fruits and veggies.  We don’t buy juice, we make most of our meals from scratch, and every single day you’ll find overnight oats in there for breakfast.

The “Must Haves” in my fridge (or sitting just beside it) would have to start with bananas, followed closely by apples.  Fruit is such a great part of the program because you never feel like you’re missing out on flavors, and it’s all zero SmartPoints.

My other “Must Have” has got to be eggs.  Quick and healthy omelettes are super easy to whip up between work and school, and one egg comes packed with protein to keep me satisfied throughout my day.  Throw a little spinach in there, light feta cheese, tomato, or avocado and you’re good to go!



Since being on Weight Watchers I have really taken a deeper look at the food I eat and while there isn't anything I had to "give up", I've chosen to cut certain things from what I consume daily. One of those things is soda. For me, I was consuming too much Soda and decided to start drinking at least 2 litres of water daily - and I also like carbonated water as I like to have something "fizzy" from time to time, so I tend to keep a stock of different carbonated waters on hand. For me, it's a must. 

I also think it's extremely important to have ready to eat, grab and go, fruits and veggies. I tend to prep my fruits and veggies so that they are clean and ready to use.  I always try to have arugula/greens, tomatoes, cucumber, peppers cut for stir-frys, pizza, or omelettes. I always have berries and grapes washed and placed in containers, as well as apples and kiwi so that if I'm in a hurry there's no excuse to not take them with me. I also keep a stock pile (so to speak!) of high protein yogurts that help me stay on track and definitely contribute to being successful. 



My must haves in the fridge NEEDS to be my Brita water jug! In addition I keep a good stash of Kirkland plain Greek yogurt, tons of fruit! (strawberries and blackberries are my go-to) and lean proteins like chicken, pepperoni, and eggs.

Now we want to hear from you. What’s in your fridge? Use #insidemyfridge on Instagram and Facebook and tell us what some of your favourite meals are. Here’s to healthy choices.