The importance of *non-scale* victories

Yes, seeing the number on the scale go down feels good. But it’s not the only way to judge success.
Published January 5, 2021

Paying attention to wins that have nothing to do with the scale reinforces healthy habits (good) and helps you recognize the progress you’ve made (even better). Whether or not the scale goes the way you hope this week, reflect on your non-scale victories (NSVs). It’ll help you stay inspired.

3 fast facts

1. The scale isn’t the only way to measure progress. A few NSVs:

• New habits you’ve formed

• Behavioral goals you’ve reached

• Better sleep

• More energy

2. Paying attention to NSVs reminds us that the journey isn’t just about losing weight or keeping it off, but about forming healthy habits and improving how you feel and what you can do.

3. Reflecting on NSVs when the number on the scale isn’t what you were hoping for can help you recognize progress and stay inspired to move forward.

The NSVs are what your hard work is really about. And as for the numbers on the scale? They're the added bonus. Sure, keeping track of the weight lost is an important part of the program. But also acknowledging your progress in other areas can help keep you positive.

Here are some non-scale victories that are well worth celebrating!

• Your clothes fit better.

• It's easier to walk up stairs and play with your kids.

• You have more energy.

• You feel more positive and better about yourself.

• You're noticing that you eat more vegetables and drink more water.

• You're acting like a healthy person!

It's important to recognize changes, even if they feel minor in the moment. If you focus on those NSVs, the pounds will take care of themselves.

This week, try this:

Focus on the positive changes you’ve made recently that aren’t tied to the scale.

1. Identify non-scale victories. Pinpoint three healthy habits you’ve adopted, experiences you’ve had, or changes you’ve seen in your body (that have nothing to do with the scale) over the past month.

2. Consider the impact. Think about the effect of these changes. Maybe new dinner recipes helped you discover more veggies you love and upped your confidence in the kitchen.

3. Enjoy your successes. Notice how it feels to celebrate NSVs. Is it different from when you’re focused on weight? Try jotting down your NSVs in the Notes section of your Weekly Check-In!