How WW can help you with more than just weight loss

Published December 15, 2020

At WW, our goal is to focus on a whole ecosystem of wellness—not just food—so you can reach your goals. Coach Jocelyn lets you in on a few of her favourites.

Explore all the other ways WW can support you

Each week in the WW app you’ll get science-backed techniques that help you shift into a helpful mindset. Every topic is chosen specifically by our team of scientists specializing in behavior change, behavioral economics, nutrition, and clinical research, to help you lose weight and give you skills you can use in the moment.

Our philosophy around physical activity is pretty simple: Wherever you are now is a great starting point, finding what’s fun for you is the key to sticking with it, and all movement is good!

Healthy sleep is also something we focus on because it directly impacts weight loss and is crucial when it comes to taking care of ourselves.