How To Use Rollovers and Still Lose Weight

They're a great way to keep things flexible, and they won't hurt your weight loss.
Published October 4, 2017

Are your weekends different than the rest of your week? No worries—rollovers give you the flexibility to use fewer PersonalPoints™ one day and save them for another day when you need them.

How do rollovers work?

Up to 4 Points values that you don’t use in a day will be automatically rolled over into your weekly Points Budget. (You'll get a notification letting you know how many we rolled over.)

Use those rollovers however you want throughout the week. (A glass of wine, an extra helping, some dessert—whatever you want!) Rest assured that these rollovers are built into our successful Points system, so you can (and should!) feel free to use them.

Wait, give me an example...

So, say you have 23 daily Points values and you spend 19 of them today. We'll automatically roll over those extra 4 Points into your weeklies. If the same thing happens tomorrow, we'll do it again. There’s nothing for you to do but enjoy them if you want to!

One thing to remember is that your weekly Points Budget gets reset on your weigh-in day, so you can’t carry over any unused Points, including rollovers, into the following week. Use 'em or lose 'em.

Don't want rollovers?

You can modify your settings to turn them on or off. Just go to your profile on My Day (your picture). Click on the icon that looks like a gear. Go to 'Food Settings' and turn off your rollovers.