How to Unplug Your Phone to Upgrade Your Mood

Four ways to disconnect without FOMO.
Published April 18, 2017

Smartphones… can’t live a minute without’em. Amiright? The reality is, our phones have become extensions of us. It’s our direct connection to the rest of the world, and through some incredible apps, our phones are making it easier to accomplish our goals. But there comes a point where convenience is only clouding the reality of dependence, and a complete reliance on our phones is something we should all be careful of.

Your Routine Doesn’t Have To Destroy Your Soul

If you’re looking to develop a new routine complete with some activity, some nutritious meals, and a healthy attitude, one of the first things you should consider is setting aside some unplug time. Wait, hang on, before you close the browser and pretend you never saw this, consider one thing. When we’re able to devote our full attention to something like let’s say, making a healthy change, we’re probably increasing our chances of reaching our goals.

Find Some Me Time

Now we’re not telling you to throw out your phone, quite the opposite in fact. What we’re saying is consider a few moments out of every day where you’re not connected to your friends via social media, you’re not beholden to the notifying buzz of a new email from the office, and you’re not constantly checking the news for updates on a story you’re following. Instead, you’re focused on you. Listen to some music, pick up that book you’ve been meaning to read, go for a walk without any distractions – building in some me time into your everyday routine could prove to be extremely helpful.   

But what if you can’t unplug?

Let’s say you really can’t unplug. Understandable – there are days when you simply need to be connected, and that’s okay. But instead of constantly checking social media feeds, try an app that’s designed to remind you of your healthy routine. This could be health apps that count your steps, or something like the Weight Watchers App that connects you to hundreds of healthy recipes, motivational content, and other members.

Routines that stick

In short, think about integrating your phone into your healthy routine if you can’t disconnect.

Our phones are important, but so is developing a healthy routine. If you’re thinking of making a healthy change consider some unplug time – and if that sounds like too much of a change, look to use your phone in a healthy way. Here’s to healthy choices.