How PersonalPoints Can Help You Lose Weight

Our new program is not just about losing weight – it’s about maintaining a healthy lifestyle overall.
Published December 22, 2021

How many of us have tried to lose weight and get healthy on our own, and found it super difficult? Survey says; a bunch of us.

Making changes to our habits and lifestyles can be really hard, but when you have a user-friendly program like PersonalPoints to follow, it becomes a lot easier.

“DIY and fad diets have caused chatter in the health and wellness-sphere for years with their promises to deliver fast results,” says Nadia Atzori, WW nutrition and food database specialist. “But the real questions become: Are they sustainable? How do these weight loss trends stack up to healthy lifestyle changes like WW? My personal opinion? Leave the trends to the fashion industry and shift your focus to a healthier, more sustainable, and better approach to weight loss and wellness.”

Atzori adds that part of the benefit of joining a program like WW’s PersonalPoints is all of the things that come along with it, like community support through Connect and easy, healthy recipes for weight loss. Not to mention, PersonalPoints is grounded in science, so it’s proven to work.

“WW is deeply rooted in nutrition and behaviour change science with many years of clinical trials to prove its efficacy. As science evolves, so does WW.”

WW also evolves as the health and wellness industry grows and changes. It’s no longer all about weight loss, it’s about making healthy lifestyle changes and feeling good. While food is still tracked in PersonalPoints, there’s also the opportunity to keep track of sleep, mindfulness activities, hydration, and activity. It’s a holistic approach to living well – and one size no longer fits all.

“PersonalPoints has kept up with this notion of personalization with a PersonalPoints Daily Budget and personal ZeroPoint foods list,” Atzori explains. “When members join, they are asked a series of questions that take nutrition and behaviour change into account. The answers to these questions help our experts determine which foods/food groups you will tend to eat most often or not at all. Our PersonalPoints Engine then creates a personalized list that is filled with the foods you love and the best part is no two plans are alike.”

This personalization is key to WW members’ success. PersonalPoints is the best way to lose weight and make healthy lifestyle changes because it’s completely adaptable to your likes, dislikes, and routine. That flexibility is part of what makes it one of the best weight loss programs out there.

“You need to find a weight loss plan that is flexible and liveable,” says Atzori, “and WW has revolutionized our Points algorithm to make healthy eating even easier. What’s simpler than one Point that represents all the nutritional information you need to know? If a Point is high, it likely means it is full of added sugar and unhealthy fats, whereas if a Point is low, it is rich in protein, fibre and healthy fats. Our PersonalPoints not only take more nutritional information into account, like fibre and added sugar, but for the first time in our company’s history, you can add Points to your Budget through healthy habits like drinking water, eating more non-starchy veggies, and being active.”

She adds, “PersonalPoints has been designed for you and for the first time ever, no two plans are alike since no two people are alike. I mean, would you wear your best friend’s jeans? Probably not because you have to find a style that fits you best and that is what WW did with PersonalPoints. They tailored the program to best suit YOUR needs.”