How to Hack Your Mindset

WW’s tools support your mental health to help you achieve your goals
Published December 21, 2020 | Updated October 28, 2022

If you’re struggling on your weight-loss journey, rest assured, you are not alone. Making lifestyle changes can be challenging, but the right tools can make it so much easier.

While balanced eating and activity are important for reaching your health and fitness goals, perhaps even more important is your mindset. What are you saying to yourself each day? What do you think and feel about your goals? How well are you sleeping? What’s your mood like? How stressed are you? All of these things affect how you feel, how motivated you are and your overall health, and hacking your mindset and using it to your advantage can help you reach your goals consistently.

The new myWW+ makes mindset tools just as accessible as its recipes and food and activity trackers – right in your app.

If you’re just getting started, myWW+ helps prevent overwhelm in the first week with optional Kickstart sessions, where a top WW coach will guide you through everything you need for success.

With the app’s Wellness Check-in, you can take a little time (even just five minutes!) each week to reflect on how the past seven days went and how you’re feeling. The myWW+ Progress Report will help you better understand how you’re doing in the areas of mindset, sleep, activity, and food, so that you can set a goal for the following week in My Action Plan.

It may sound surprising, but one of the keys to weight loss success has nothing to do with food or movement – it’s sleep. Just getting a good night’s rest can make all the difference. With the new Sleep Tracker, you can now track your sleep quality, set bedtime reminders, and use WW’s science-backed system to help you identify and overcome your personal sleep roadblocks so you can make a plan to improve your sleep quality for good.

Other ways to hack your mindset include managing stress, using positive self-talk and practising mindfulness.

5-Minute Coaching uses scientific techniques to help you manage eating, outsmart stress, and shift your thinking. There are audio sessions ranging from one to five minutes that you can listen to anytime, anywhere. You can easily pair these coaching sessions with guided meditations from Headspace in the WW app to take your mindset to a whole new level while caring for your mental health.

And WW wouldn’t be WW without its vast community of members. If you’re looking for support, recipe ideas, inspiration or even new friends, Connect is worth a look. There are tons of different community groups you can join through the app to find members who are in your area, on your plan, in your age group or even members who just love their pets.