How to hack your habits with the piggybacking technique

Learn actionable techniques to get you to your goals
Published May 14, 2021

While it's certainly helpful to know the why behind weight loss - but at WW we equip you with the how to make sure you have a game plan for real life.

Our psychology is based in behaviour change, meaning we focus on simple actionable techniques you can easily apply to your real life to make better-for-you choices, gain skills for life, and lose weight.

Our panel of experts that develop a program that teaches you a new technique each week that is rooted in behaviour change psychology: giving you a roadmap to help make healthier changes.

A sneak peek at our weekly curriculum

Try this!

Use piggybacking to build a new habit.

Let’s dive a little deeper…

Pick two habits to sync up based on when you can do them. It might be once a day or even multiple times a day. Let’s say you want to start reading before bed, pair it with something you already do every night before bed (maybe it’s brushing your teeth). If you want to track after every meal, try pairing it with washing your dishes after every meal.

Fun fact: Bedtime routines are inherently made up of piggybacking your nighttime actions.