How does keto stack up?

Comparing keto to other popular weight loss programs.
Published February 11, 2019

How does keto compare to other food programs?

With keto being one of the trendiest diets, it’s helpful to see how it can compare to other popular weight loss programs, to be able to make the right choice that works for your life.

Leg­acyFirst developed in the 1920s as a way to treat epilepsy in children.More than 50 years of history successfully scaling effective, accessible, science-based weight management.Noom was founded about 10 years ago and launched the Noom App in 2010.
How does it work?The Keto diet is a highly restrictive food plan that puts your body into a state of physiologic ketosis. Much of the initial weight loss is due to water loss, which is reversed when carbs are reintroduced into your diet. Your daily diet must consist of 70-80% fats, 10-20% protein, and 5-10% carbs to achieve a state of ketosis.WW incorporates healthy eating, activity, and mindset. The Points® system assigns one easy-to-understand number to foods and beverages that takes into account calories, saturated fat, fibre, sugar, and protein. Members are given a daily Points budget that they can spend on any food.Users are given a personalized daily calorie budget based on age, sex, activity level, and weight loss goals. Foods are grouped in colours (green, yellow and red) to help guide users towards healthier choices. Noom also uses psychological strategies including with messaging via its app to help users manage the mental and emotional barriers to weight loss.
What can I eat?You must eliminate most foods and beverages that contain carbohydrates: bread, cereal, rice, pasta, beans, fruit, starchy vegetables, milk and alcohol. The Ketogenic diet limits you to only 20 to 40 grams of carbs per day. That's 1 slice of bread and a piece of fruit, or 1/2 cup rice or pasta, as your only carb-containing food for the entire day.Everything's on the menu. There are over 200 ZeroPoint™ foods that you don't have to weigh, measure, or track. These foods form the basis of a healthy eating pattern.Foods are grouped into a traffic light system of green, yellow, and red foods. Green foods are lowest in caloric density and/or contain the highest concentration of healthy nutrients; yellow foods which have more calories and/or less healthy nutrients per serving than green should be eaten in moderate amounts; red foods which are highest in caloric density and/or have the least healthy nutrients are meant to be eaten with less frequency and in smaller amounts.
Scien­tific Evi­dence

The first randomized studies on the keto diet and weight loss was published in 2003.

The keto diet has been studied with regards to the effects on children with epilepsy.

100 published studies conducted in 5 countries on 4 continents have rigorously evaluated the WW program and demonstrated its efficacy.

Numerous randomized clinical trials have shown that WW is more effective for weight loss than self-help, university-based treatment, and physician advice. WW has been shown to be effective among individuals with diabetes and prediabetes.

Research cited by Noom admits having “limitations,” including that one study was “not a randomized, controlled trial, and thus comparisons with a control group could not be made,” and that in another study “all of the data including food and exercise were self-reported and prone to social desirability which may lead to inaccurate data.” Some other research describes limitations (e.g., “limited generalizability,” “uncontrolled,” “pilot,” etc.). The only randomized, controlled study was limited to patients with eating disorders.
How can I access the program?Keto is a DIY program. You are responsible for eating and adhering to the keto recommendations of consuming the correct ratio of fats, proteins, and carbs to enter a state of ketosis.Through the WW app,, phone, and in-person Workshops.App only.
Added featuresBlogs written by followers of the Keto diet, physician- and nutritionist-written literature, and online communities or trending topicsWW recognizes that in addition to eating healthier, moving more and being in the right frame of mind are important aspects of the wellness journey. WW offers tools to encourage members to move more and shift to a more helpful mindset. None.
Social supportBlogs, social media accounts, and websites dedicated to keto.Wellness Workshops, Wellness Coaches, 24/7 Expert Chat, and Connect, an exclusive social network with other members for inspiration.Support is digital through a personal coach. After two weeks on the program you are put into a digital support group with other members.
US News and Wor­ld Report Diet Rank­ing#23#1Not ranked.

WW is the #1 Doctor Recommended Weight Loss Program*

*Based on a 2019 survey of 500 doctors who recommend weight loss programs to patients

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