How to build habits that will actually stick

Learn actionable techniques to get you to your goals
Published May 14, 2021

While it's certainly helpful to know the why behind weight loss - but at WW we equip you with the how to make sure you have a game plan for real life.

Our psychology is based in behaviour change, meaning we focus on simple actionable techniques you can easily apply to your real life to make better-for-you choices, gain skills for life, and lose weight.

Our panel of experts that develop a program that teaches you a new technique each week that is rooted in behaviour change psychology: giving you a roadmap to help make healthier changes.

A sneak peek at our weekly curriculum

Try this!

Ready to build a habit? Here’s how to find a behaviour that will actually stick.

Let’s dive a little deeper…

When behaviours have an immediate positive impact, they’re more reinforcing, meaning we’re more likely to want to do them again. And the more we repeat a behaviour at the same time using the same cue, the more likely it’ll become a habit. (All good things.)

Need help figuring out which healthy habit to try building? Feel free to grab one of our suggestions!

Eat better

  • Track my meals when I sit down to eat.
  • Include a veggie with every meal.
  • Meal-prep my lunch while cleaning up from breakfast.

Move more

  • Stand up and move every hour.
  • Take a nightly walk.
  • Dance it out in the morning to my favourite tune.

Sleep soundly

  • Read a book before bed. (No tech allowed!)
  • Write a worry list to clear my head.
  • Put on calming music and stretch.

Shift your thinking

  • Write down 3 Good Things each night.
  • Think of a non-scale victory every morning.
  • Call my friends when I’m stressed.

Once you give your new behaviour a try over the week…

● Are you happy, proud, or feeling a positive impact? Great! This is a good behaviour to turn into a habit. Choose a cue that will remind you to practice it consistently.

● Not finding the habit particularly rewarding? Try using temptation bundling to make the behaviour more reinforcing!