Holly, 43

Lost 72 lb* with Weight Watchers
Published June 7, 2016

“To be really brave, I had to let myself be vulnerable. I learned to lean into the discomfort of my feelings about my body, to find the root of my issues, and that involved a lot of forgiveness—of myself and others.”

"I had first joined Weight Watchers after having my daughter. I was successful, and I became a lifetime member in the process. Over the years I got divorced and remarried, and then my husband and I wanted to try for a child together. But it wasn’t so easy this time; I suffered five miscarriages in the process, and the doctor gave us a 1 percent chance of having another child. Then, miraculously, I got pregnant naturally! Hoping that this pregnancy would go smoothly, I ate my way through the nine months, gaining 85 pounds along the way. I was overjoyed when I gave birth to a healthy baby boy, but my self-confidence had plummeted through the weight gain, so I went back to Weight Watchers."

"When I was thinner, I had this certain type of armor that protected me from feeling so vulnerable and exposed. Looking back, it was a superficial feeling; that’s why I’m grateful that I gained the weight. I really am! It helped me learn to love myself. While before I was mainly focused on how I looked, I started seeing my body as this amazing, sacred thing that only I have. Yes, my stomach is a road map of loose skin, but I’m proud of what it housed: two beautiful, amazing children. These days, I see myself so differently. I see a warrior. I’m strong, I never give up, I’m not a quitter; all of those things encompass who I am now, so much more than what I look like."