Help! How Do I Track Coffee?

Your guide to tracking this essential beverage.
Published April 28, 2023

No matter what your morning routine looks like, chances are high that it includes coffee—62 percent of Americans drink coffee every day, according to a 2020 survey by the National Coffee Association. Whether it's a homemade cup of dark roast with a splash of milk, a cappuccino from your favorite shop, or a take-anywhere option like a WW Mocha Latte, all coffee is on the WW menu. But how do you track something that's mostly-but-not-quite all water? Tell us how you normally enjoy coffee and we'll tell you how to track it using your WW app.

How do you take your coffee?

I drink black coffee

Black coffee has 0 Points, so you don’t need to track coffee by itself if you don’t want to.

I add milk and/or sugar

Since you don’t need to track black coffee, you only need to track what you add to it. When you make your next cup of coffee, measure out the amount of milk you add to your glass or mug (hint: for milk use a tablespoon until you get the colour you like). Multiply that amount by the number of cups of coffee you have in a day, and just track that one number in the morning. If you don’t add very much milk and/or sugar, you can track the total amojnt you have in one week once on Mondays, and you are set for the week!

I buy premade coffee drinks

If you’re drinking a packaged coffee product (say, a bottled Frappuccino from Starbucks), just scan the barcode on the product using the barcode scanner in your WW app to automatically track it.

I pick mine up at a coffee shop

If you pick up the same drink every weekday morning pre-track it for the week on Sundays or Mondays, the same you would for any meal or snack you eat regularly all week.