Hack Your Snacks

Being prepared with healthy (and portable) bites will help you stay a step ahead of hunger.
Published July 26, 2016

If summer’s events, travel, and family fun tend to upend your regular routine, chances are your eating schedule is a bit out of whack, too. But you can stay ahead of hunger and stick with your healthy intentions when you plan ahead for on-the-go eating.

Smart snacking
A common misconception is that snacking leads to weight gain. While too many nibbles of anything can send the scale in the wrong direction, a well-chosen snack can ease hunger pangs, please your tastebuds—and deliver more than just empty calories. Eating a sensible and nutritious snack between meals helps to take the edge off, so come mealtime, you're not so hungry that you end up overeating. So, what's the secret formula for a snack that satisfies and has staying power? A lean protein and fiber-rich carb pairing is a good pick.

Taking it with you
Preparing wholesome bites that travel well doesn’t have to take much time or effort. But if you just can't seem to get out the door with a snack in hand (or in your bag), these questions might help you zero in on—and figure out how to overcome—those obstacles.

  • Do you just not seem to have the right foods around?
  • Or the right gear (an insulated bag or convenient containers) for carrying snacks with you?
  • Do you tend to rely on what will be available at your destination, like a snack bar, food court, or fast-food joint?
  • What would make snacks easier to grab? How could they be more satisfying, or worth the SmartPointsTM values? A dedicated “snack shelf” in your fridge and pantry is one way to make on-the-go eating easier. Plastic bins and containers can keep single-serving bags and packages organized and accessible. Creating a mix-and-match snack “menu” is another way to avoid boredom and give you new ideas for satisfying snack combinations (and it can double as a shopping list).

Chill out!
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