Get the Spa Treatment

Feeling the need for a little pampering – but not feeling flush with cash? Raid the pantry for ingredients, then retreat to the bathroom for some luxurious downtime.
Published February 26, 2017

After a satisfying personal victory – scale or non-scale – it feels good to reward yourself for a job well done. A weekend at a posh resort spa sounds about right, doesn’t it? While you’re saving for that next special-treat getaway, capture the sense of spa bliss at home with one or all of these pampering DIY treatments, created exclusively for you by the specialists at the Lapis Spa at the Fontainebleau Miami.

The Spa Treatment: Spalicious Manicure 
The DIY Fix: Hand-softening scrub for luxuriously smooth skin

  1. Buff and moisturize rough skin using a scrub cream and oil or body lotion.
  2. Mix 4 parts kosher or sea salt with 1 part warm grape seed oil, canola oil or olive oil and mix into a paste.
  3. Massage into hands in upward strokes and in circular motion.
  4. Remove scrub with a warm, wet towel.
  5. Push back cuticle using an orange stick and file rough nail edges with Emery board, massage hands with lotion.
  6. Wrap hands in warm cotton gloves or place in plastic bags and wrap with warm towels. Remove after 10 minutes.

The Spa Treatment: Rescue My Hair 
The DIY Fix: Fabulous, full hair that’s softer, shinier and improved circulation to scalp (which aids in healthy hair growth).

  1. Mix equal parts lemon juice and warm green tea; apply mixture to scalp with brush in sections, pouring remaining amount through hair.
  2. Allow mixture to remain on scalp for a few minutes; the tea and lemon work as an astringent to cleanse scalp and hair follicles.
  3. Rinse thoroughly with warm water and apply a mixture of 2 parts fresh avocado and 2 parts yogurt; massage into the hair in circular motions to relax the scalp and stimulate hair growth.
  4. Gently massage temples and base of scalp line. Place plastic shower cap on hair and wrap in warm towel for 10 minutes or until towel cools.
  5. Rinse thoroughly.

The Spa Treatment: Classic European Facial 
The DIY Fix: Rejuvenating facial that leaves skin clean and shiny, with improved texture and appearance

  1. Steep several bags of chamomile tea in a pot of boiling water.
  2. Place face over steaming pot and cover head with towel to trap steam for a few minutes, or as long as is comfortable. (This simulates the steam room experience.)
  3. Cover closed eyelids with cucumber slices or icy, well-squeezed chamomile tea bags to reduce puffiness. (Enjoy for as long as you want.)
  4. Dab off excess moisture and apply a commercial facial scrub to face in gentle circular and upward motions to face, neck and chest.
  5. Rinse thoroughly with warm, moist washcloth and apply witch hazel or rose or lavender water with spray or cotton pad.
  6. Apply facial moisturizer in upward, relaxing massage strokes, placing slight pressure on temples and under forehead bridge line to release tension and ease pain.